Brighton Kemptown Conservatives pick their youngest ever candidate

Posted On 07 Oct 2019 at 8:59 am

The Brighton Kemptown Conservatives have picked their youngest ever candidate to contest the seat at the next general election.

Joe Miller

The constituency party has chosen trainee barrister Joe Miller, 25, who is currently a councillor in Brighton and Hove and was until recently the deputy leader of Lewes District Council.

The former Cardinal Newman pupil previously chaired the Audit and Standards Committee on Brighton and Hove City Council after becoming the youngest councillor to have been elected in Brighton at just 20.

The party said: “At a packed special general meeting of Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven Conservative Association, on Sunday 6 October, Brighton-born Joe Miller was selected as the parliamentary candidate for the Brighton Kemptown Constituency.

“Joe joined the Conservative Party at the age of 17 after the financial crisis as he saw mismanagement of the country’s finances hurt the poorest the most.

“As a result of that Joe got more and more involved in politics and came into contact with great local councillors who really made a difference to their ward residents’ lives and the city as a whole.

“Joe thought he had something to add in both regards and also thought it would be good to have younger representation on the council and especially Conservative young representation and so that is what drove him to stand.”

Mr Miller said after the meeting yesterday: “I am humbled and honoured to have been selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven Conservative Party.

“I look forward to the campaign to unseat the current Labour MP and invite any residents to join my team to help me in this campaign.

“If elected, I will be the strong and loud voice in Westminster that we deserve.

“It would be my honour and my privilege to represent you, the area in which I was born and which I love.

“As such I hope I can count on your support.”

Counciller Miller represents Rottingdean Coastal ward on Brighton and Hove City Council.

Fellow Rottingdean Coastal councillor Bridget Fishleigh, the only independent on the council, said that she was also contemplating throwing her hat into the ring after encouragement from residents impressed with her performance since being elected in May.

They will take on the sitting Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle and the Green mayor of Brighton and Hove, Alex Phillips, who is also a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

  1. Rob Reply

    tory boy – you are not welcome in Brighton and Hove

    • Rolivan Reply

      He is a born and bred Brightonian are you?He is also a very good Councillor and has experience beyond his years.
      He is notva Publicity seeker either.

      • Atom Reply

        Born and Bred Brigtonian? How tribal of you….Were you there watching when he was bred in Brighton? Or are you just guessing?
        I wouldn’t be seeking publicity either if I was a Tory after the past 19 years of Tory created shambolic incompetence and greed.

        • Chris Knox Reply

          Ermm. We’ll the fact that he went to a local state school might suggest that he was educated in Brighton… Is Your problem that he may have been born (possibly) somewhere else?

    • Lesley shortman Reply

      Shut up he was born here most of brighton birn are jujus family you silly person that boy has worked bloody had and studied hard to get where he is today pity other people didn’t go out There way to Get where he is today instead of sitting in there arises slagging people if they do t know

    • J Curtis Reply

      😂 Rob – you are not welcome in Brighton & Hove…

    • K Reply

      How rude you are Rob!

    • K.Kross Reply

      For a town that prides it’s self on being so ‘accepting’, it never ceases to amaze me how utterly intolerant people are of views that are different to their own, Rob. As a young person in Brighton, who refuses to conform to the lefty lunacy and surly rudeness of most of the towns occupants, may I recommend you buy yourself a dictionary and look up what the word ‘accepting’ actually means? The ‘politically correct brigade’ constantly baffle me with their oxymoronic (or just plain moronic) way of thinking. It makes no sense. You are not accepting of difference unless it suits your trendy ideals, and gets you a few likes on social media by the flock of green haired sheep that are just as politically narrow minded as yourself. Good day Sir!

  2. Stu Reply

    Not a fan of the Tories myself but anyone would be better than the drama, attention seeking Russell-Moyle!

  3. Gary shortman Reply

    He is Brighton bornHe’s got a large family you silly silly man are you Brighton Born and bred please keep your opinions to yourself he is a hard-working young man who has studied really hard to get where he is to day it’s a pity some people don’t follow his footsteps and get off their asses instead of sitting down on a computer condemning what other people do

  4. Marj Reply

    It’s good to see the younger generation of Conservative candidates willing to represent their constituencies. He sounds as though he has already made a difference as a Councillor so good luck to him in the forthcoming election.

  5. Chris Knox Reply

    I’ll be supporting you to get rid of Russell Moyle. Don’t listen to those spiteful morons saying you’re not welcome.

  6. Jamie Crowley Reply

    Lloyd Russell-Moyer is the best MP I have ever voted for and am proud to say I’ll be supporting him again.

    I would be embarrassed if any of my friends or family voted for a tory. The state of our public services, hospitals especially are a disgrace, Boris is a born liar and is way out of his depth

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