Brighton MP hits back in stuffing row

Posted On 04 Nov 2019 at 7:32 pm

Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has hit back at claims that his campaign team were stuffing envelopes with official Commons stationery.

A still image from Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s campaign video on Twitter

The only paperwork bearing the parliamentary logo was for constituency case work, he said.

And there is nothing in the rules about case work correspondence being handled by his team as he urged them to give the Tories a stuffing at the forthcoming general election.

It followed a story in the Mail on Sunday yesterday, headlined: “Corbynista delivered a blow.”

The short story said: “Commons rules could not be clearer: taxpayer-funded stationery such as pre-paid envelopes are forbidden for use in ‘connection with work for or at the behest of a political party’ including ‘the return of any person to public office’.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

“So when hardcore Corbynista Lloyd Russell-Moyle tweeted his first campaign video on Wednesday evening showing his team stuffing envelopes, eagle-eyed opponents were quick to spot what looked a lot like official Commons stationery with the distinctive portcullis logo, inset, and silver stamp.

“A complaint is apparently already on its way to the authorities.”

Mr Russell-Moyle said that he was unaware of any complaint but would be happy to provide evidence to the Commons authorities if necessary

He said that the incident also highlighted the unsatisfactory way that MPs are hindered from passing on case work to their successor should they lose their seat at an election.

And it supported the case for MPs’ office staff to be employed directly by Parliament rather than, as now, by individual members.

  1. Janet Kelly Reply

    I received a campaign letter from this MP – on House of Commons stationery. I don’t think that counts as case work?

  2. Caroline Mucus Reply

    In the same vain as the Green Party who were caught out getting half cut uni students to give away their votes with pre filled out proxy vote forms.

  3. Caroline Reply

    Come on Frank. Removing any truthful but non complimentary facts about your beloved Green Party Just makes you look like an amateur journalist. They were abusing the proxy vote system and the Electoral Commission told them to stop.

  4. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Curious that he replies by letter to residents rather than e-mail.

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