Ninth coronavirus case in Brighton and Hove confirmed

Posted On 13 Mar 2020 at 6:19 pm

A ninth coronavirus case has been confirmed in Brighton and Hove today (Friday 13 March).

It was one of 207 cases of covid-19 confirmed today by Public Health England, the biggest one-day increase so far.

It brings the cumulative number of cases in the United Kingdom to 797, with 10 deaths in total linked to the virus.

Brunswick Primary School has written to parents saying: “We need to inform you that, as of this afternoon, the parent of a year 3 child is self-isolating as they suspect that they may have contracted coronavirus.

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“Their GP has been unable to test them but it is thought likely that they have the virus.

“The child is showing no symptoms and will not be attending school next week and staying with a different relative.

“We have informed the Department for Education who deem this a ‘low risk’ and advised that we keep the school open.

“Please keep a close eye on your children this weekend and call 111 if you have any concerns.”

And the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), which is based at Sussex University, said: “The Institute of Development of Studies has decided to act swiftly to help reduce the spread of the virus, while continuing to deliver on our projects, teach our students and maintain our operational functions.

“We have introduced a range of measures that will limit social interaction and potential transmission.

“These ‘socially distanced’ ways of working include home working, teaching online, rescheduling and postponing or cancelling events.

“In all but exceptional circumstances we have stopped work-related international travel.

“We are confident we will continue to deliver our teaching and research during this difficult period while playing our part in supporting our staff, students and the wider community.

“We will continue to review these measures on an ongoing basis.

“We know from our research on epidemics that community action is an essential part of effective responses and this has informed our decision to put in place these measures.

“During this challenging time, we will seek to uphold our collegiality and community spirit, operate with compassion and kindness and view this as an opportunity to innovate while playing our part in dealing with this global situation.”

  1. TP Reply

    Ninth case! Blimey I better see if I can get another 50 packs of toilet roll, 100 bottles of sanitizer, and a truck load of pasta.

  2. Stewart Reply

    I think you may have meant to say “as of” not “ass off”? Poor kid 😂

  3. Vanessa Newton Reply

    Please, everyone. Stop bulk buying. There is enough for everyone if the greedy ones just buy what they need.

  4. Matt Reply

    a slight typo ““We need to inform you that, ass of this afternoon,”

  5. L Taylor Reply

    Glad I didn’t panic and fly home from Philippines. Am in social lockdown in Palawan. Hot and humid. Sorry folks I have to stay another month.

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