The Human League ‘Dare 40’ UK tour coming to Brighton

Posted On 27 Jul 2020 at 9:49 pm

The Human League announce Brighton concert

Celebrating forty years since the release of ‘DARE’, The Human League will be performing this classic album in its entirety, as well as other hits from their extensive back catalogue, across arenas and theatres in the UK throughout December 2021.

They will be performing at the Brighton Centre on 16th December 2021 and tickets go on sale on Friday 31st July 2020 from 10am. Interestingly enough, the original ‘DARE’ tour came to Brighton 40 years and 5 days previous to this new date – on 11th December 1981. Their setlist was then: ‘You’re My Baby’, ‘Open Your Heart’, ‘Do Or Die’, ‘Circus Of Death’, ‘Darkness’, ‘Don’t You Want Me’, ‘Seconds’, ‘I Am The Law’, ‘Crow And A Baby’, ‘Blind Youth’, ‘Marianne’, ‘Love Action (I Believe In Love)’, ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’, ‘Empire State Human’, ‘The Sound Of The Crowd’, ‘Destination Venus’ (The Rezillos cover).

Originals of the British New Wave/Synth scene The Human League dominated the airwaves and charts throughout the 80’s with their dark yet stylish post punk electronica, which remains as fresh, current and highly influential today as it did with the release of ‘DARE’ on the 16th October 1981.

On its release ‘DARE’ instantly became a landmark album for the British music scene, spreading an exciting new sound to the US and Europe and helping give birth to a whole new era in music. With lyrics firmly embedded in the global politics of the day the band had an image that influenced fashion trends and their style, sound and message changed the face of early 80’s club culture, paving the way for the decades of electronic music and clubbing that were to follow. The band are widely regarded as leaders of the second British Invasion of the US music market and, to this day, remain one of the most highly played bands on MTV worldwide.

‘DARE’ contained four hit singles, including the No 1 ‘Don’t You Want Me’ which is arguably the poppiest track on the album, staying in the charts for five weeks and making the 1981 Xmas No.1 slot. The album earned them a Brit Award the following year and the band continued to grace the top 10 for the next fifteen years, with a resurgence of popularity and commercial success in every decade that has followed. Without doubt their music has inspired generations of fans and influenced many of today’s artists.

The Human League hail from Sheffield and were very much part of an emerging scene there in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Founder member Philip Oakey then took the band on to huge commercial success after first recruiting two female vocalists, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley. This three person vocal sound created a unique band line up and all three members have remained in the group to this day. Along with ‘Don’t You Want Me’ singles from ‘DARE’ including; ‘Love Action’ ‘The Sound Of The Crowd’ ‘Open Your Heart’ & ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’’ are a popular feature on any epic list of compilations. The band have also released nine studio albums, two remix albums, one live album, six EP’s, thirty singles and since 2001 they have consistently toured and headlined contemporary festivals across the world.

The Human League’s ‘Dare 40 Tour’ also features on the bill the Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey and Altered Images.

Thompson Twins Tom Bailey

Thompson Twins also formed part of the second British Invasion of pop culture to the US and had a string of hits in the eighties including ‘Doctor Doctor’, ‘You Take Me Up’, ‘Love On Your Side’ and the enigmatic anthem ‘Hold Me Now’. In 2014 Tom Bailey returned to playing the Thompson Twins catalogue live after a short break of just 27 years. Together with his all female band he played a highly successful 80 date world tour in 2018, most of which was in USA. He released his first solo album ‘Science Fiction’ in 2018.

Altered Images Clare Grogan

Fronted by firecracker Clare Crogan, Altered Images are a Scottish band who had frequent chart success during the early 80’s combining slightly twisted lyrics with dynamic bubblegum pop. Their extremely memorable hits include; ‘Happy Birthday’,‘Don’t Talk About Love’ and ‘I Could Be Happy’. Clare is also a highly accomplished and successful actor who has performed on stage, film and television.

Purchase your tickets from the Brighton Centre box office HERE Tel: 0844 8471515 or from try your usual ticket agents.

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