Greens claim by-election results show confidence in party

Posted On 07 May 2021 at 5:17 pm

The Greens have claimed that the results of the two Brighton and Hove City Council by-elections were a show of confidence in their leadership.

The party won a seat in Hollingdean and Stanmer from Labour and came a close second in Patcham, where the Conservatives held on.

There were muted celebrations and no speeches from the victorious candidates at the count which was held at the Hilton Brighton Metropole in Brighton.

Zoë John, newly elected Green councillor for Hollingdean and Stanmer said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have been elected as a new Green councillor for Hollingdean and Stanmer ward.

“I cannot wait to get to work, joining Councillor Martin Osborne to represent my community and to continue to grow the amazing work he has already been doing.

“Our voices will amplify the voices of the residents of our ward on issues that matter to them.

“I am delighted to be joining our Green council and I look forward to working hard on making things better for the residents of Hollingdean and Stanmer and the wider city.

“I’d like to thank all the other candidates for their commitment and passion for improving our neighbourhood.

“I’d also like to thanks the Brighton and Hove Green Party for being so supportive in helping me win this seat – and of course to my wonderful family for everything they do.

“If you voted for me or not, I will do my best to be a voice for you. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss any ward issues. But I plan to go knocking again soon to introduce myself to everyone, so I look forward to meeting you then.”

Green council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “I’m delighted that Zoë John will be joining us as a new Green councillor for Hollingdean and Stanmer ward, growing our numbers to 20 Green councillors.

“Sadly, it is not Eliza Wyatt’s time to join our growing Green group, but we conducted a hard-fought campaign and I congratulate the Conservatives on their election. I’m delighted to see such a close second in Patcham.

“It is almost unprecedented that the current party in control makes gains in Brighton and Hove. I’m pleased that confidence has grown in our leadership of the city.

Zoë John

“In less than a year, Greens have steered the city through the pandemic, acting where the government has failed.

“We’ve invested in the city with a budget which includes £27 million in climate reduction measures and huge investments in cleaning up the city – from deep cleans to graffiti removal.

“With one additional Green councillor, we are buoyed to continue this important work.”

  1. Penny Tration Reply

    I wouldn’t say it shows confidence in the Party but it shows Labour falling apart. The Greens, to their credit were well organised. They got a month’s head start on Labour in Hollingdean, announcing a candidate and getting ‘boots on the ground’. Labour are literally falling apart in Brighton and the Patcham result is further evidence of that with a distant third. Whomever takes over from Nancy needs to look at the coalition with the Greens and where Labour are going – and don’t claim this was nationally reflected generally Labour did fine in Remain areas – it was Brexit areas they went backwards.

  2. Hove Guy Reply

    Nothing to celebrate here, as Brighton sinks further and further down the drain. At least Hartlepool voters have shown some common sense, something in which the Brighton and Hove ones are sorely lacking.

    • Brighton Guy Reply

      Why don’t you become Hartlepool Guy then?
      At least Brighton & Hove voters aren’t swayed by an inflatable Boris Johnson & some gunships sent to Jersey (that Brexit frictionless trade going well I see)

      • Hove Guy Reply

        Because I am always hoping that Brighton council will return to sanity one day and kick out the Greens and Labour. Brighton and Hove voters have a substantial number of voters who are students, who don’t live here, but are residing here for a few years, and unfortunately are able to vote in our elections. Like a herd of sheep, they get swayed (to use your expression) by the brainless policies of a totally out of touch council.
        I was born in Brighton and have lived here all my life. Ths is, by far, the most disruptive and backward thinking council I have ever come across. Expensive cycle lanes, many of which do not get used, but cause chaotic traffic problems and yet more pollution; beggars, graffiti and vandalism wherever you look, do not make for a very happy environment. No wonder it has become a dump.

  3. Adam the truth teller to Phelims Reply

    I’m so glad we moved and took our investment out of Brighton. Not the first and won’t be the last

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      If you are “the truth teller”, why do you use a pseudonym?

    • Daniel Harris Reply

      If we truly embrace the green new deal, I think brighton and hove would be a great place to use this opportunity to kickstart a mass revolution locally, upscaling new green homes, creating new green jobs and making this city more viable for social enterprise. We surely want more investment, localism is the key, kick out the bad landlords who tax evade and reject all the shitty contracts. We have to solve this issue as a city, use our own local experience to do so. This means no more veola, mears and other leaches of public money

      • John Taylor Reply

        What green jobs are these, cutting grass? The only landlords I know are those in the Labour Party and the Green Party like Caroline Lucas. Are they the bad landlords you know about? And as for contracts what about the Green led council giving two Green councillors a contract for their Big Lemon buses. Oh, but of course all the Greens have shares in that company too! Is this the same Daniel Harris who went on a plane to Italy on the council’s expenses? Stop sitting at home Dan go out and get a job like other normal people have to.

        • Christopher Hawtree Reply

          What evidence do you have for their being “landlords”? This sounds like an Argus reader’s comment.

  4. Susie Reply

    Labour’s centre-right candidates followed the national trend. Keef is weak, plain and ‘policyless’. Whats Labour for now??? The left went to the greens which increased their votes. If it remains like that Hove MP (he did eat a humble pie with the Hartlepool election) will be in danger on losing his seat as the city moves to the left with the greens. Like it or not, Labour is seen as the libdem now and I don’t need to tell you how well they are doing. Lukewarm labour is doomed! Boris, Boris, Boris

  5. Daniel Harris Reply

    Investing in innovation, manufacturing, being more self sufficient, investment in new green infrastructure, upskill our society for this change. Tackle the issue with global organisations not paying decent taxes, reinvest this in a national investment bank to help businesses and innovation.

    Our service sector society will in the end be our downfall as organisations pull out of the UK. Look at AMEX in Brighton, closing its foreign call centre and sending it to Madrid Spain.

    People are being made redundant.
    This is happening everywhere.

    A strong state can overcome many of these challenges and enable the above.

    This has to go hand in hand with reform of the local authorities and the role unelected civil servants play in running our cities, some into the ground.

    Its easy to blame parties, but as a keen observer of our local politics, its evident the unelected officers have the real power, backed up by what 54 lawyers!

    The independent campaign up north for mayor was an interesting one, running on a reform the council ticket, picked up a lot of votes.

    Good luck to Zoe though, looking at the patcham results also the local conservatives could soon lose a seat there to them. Meadows won in a ward that was not their main focus!

    Credit where credit is due

  6. John Taylor Reply

    Stop waffling. You didn’t think of the Green New Deal flying over to Italy. Just get a job and stop living off of state benefits.

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