Labour wins Rottingdean Coastal by-election

Posted On 06 May 2022 at 1:43 am

Labour won the Rottingdean Coastal by-election for a seat on Brighton and Hove City Council.

Robert Mcintosh, 71, became the first Labour councillor for the ward in a tight contest, with Independent candidate Stephen White finishing second.

The result was declared just after 1.40pm by returning officer Geoff Raw, the chief executive of the council.

In all, 4,896 votes were cast out of an electorate of 11,124, making a turnout of 44.01 per cent.

Six candidates took part in the by-election after Conservative councillor Joe Miller resigned.

The ward includes west Saltdean, Rottingdean, Ovingdean, Roedean, Brighton Marina and roads in east Brighton south of Bristol Gardens and east of Church Place and Rock Street.

The six candidates were

  • Robert McIntosh (Labour) – 1,443 votes – elected
  • Stephen White (Independent) – 1,355
  • Lynda Hyde (Conservative) – 1,185
  • Libby Darling (Green) – 504
  • Alison Wright (Independent) – 222
  • Stewart Stone (Liberal Democrat) – 168

At the last local elections in May 2019, the turnout was 45.85 per cent, with 5,129 votes cast.

This was down from 6,128 votes or 54.54 per cent in 2015 when local elections and the general election were held on the same day.

In 2019, Bridget Fishleigh, an Independent, was elected along with Conservatives Mary Mears and Joe Miller.

She became the first Independent elected to the council in more than 10 years.

Until then, Rottingdean Coastal was regarded as a ward with three safe Tory seats.

The political make up of the council is now 20 Green councillors, 16 Labour, 12 Conservative and 6 Independent, making 54 in total.

On Monday (2 May) all six candidates took part in a hustings organised by Brighton and Hove News in collaboration with the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

In May next year, the local elections are due to take place, with all 54 seats to be contested.

  1. ChrisC Reply

    What is remarkable is that the Tories dropped to third place 258 behind the winner and their candidate was previously a long standing councillor for the ward.

    Next years full council elections will be interesting.

  2. Bob the Builder Reply

    There’s nothing remarkable about it. The independent split the Tory vote.

    • Katy Reply

      And a second Independent split the Independent vote. Arguably, the Leading Independent would have won the seat without this.

    • ChrisC Reply

      Perhaps if the Tory had a better campaign?

      People voted for the independent because they liked what he was saying,

      Typical of the tories to blame the independent for losing them “their” seat.

      Well it’s not heir seat. It’s the electors seat.

  3. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Next year could be all the more interesting if the proposal goes ahead in July to make this into two wards, with one being given to the Kemp Town part of the current long stretch to Saltdean. Meanwhile, it does not look as if the LibDems will be wowing the electorate.

  4. ChrisC Reply

    Bridget Fishleigh is now saying that if Alison Wright hadn’t stood then Stephen White would have won the seat.

    That’s a big assumption that Alison Wrights voters would have voted for White.

    Some might have but some might have fired for McIntosh or Hyde or even stayed at home.

    Don’t assume that voters for one independent candidate will just vote for another.

  5. sd Reply

    Excellent news, well done Robert!

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