School to put stop to bright blue lollipop craze

Posted On 24 Jan 2023 at 3:17 pm

A school has told pupils to stop sucking lollipops that turn their lips and mouths bright blue.

And the message was sent home to parents and carers in a newsletter from the head.

It comes after some children at the Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) appear to have taken the latest craze a bit too far.

PACA principal Mark Poston wrote yesterday (Monday 23 January): “One message that tutors are sending out to students this morning is to let students know that the current craze for lollipops, including the ones that turn mouths and lips bright blue, has to come to an end.

“We are finding students are eating them, sometimes in a considerable quantity, between lessons.

“The sudden burse of sugar undermines students’ concentration, not to mention the effect on teeth.

“Students will be informed that they will have the lollipops taken from them if they are eating them in school, and/or issued with a time out in break or lunch time.”

One parent said: “It was a bit of fun but a few of the kids have taken a bit too far. I’m glad the school’s on top of it.”

  1. Chris Reply

    I can remember a craze for bright yellow, fizzy, lemonade powder back in the early sixties. We probably looked pretty odd, and without the pc attitudes of today would have been told so in no uncertain terms by teachers, parents and fierce old ladies in the street.

  2. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    “The sudden burst of sugar undermines students’ concentration”
    No it doesn’t. Maybe Mr Poston could find a biology tutor, or find someone who can show him how to Google?

  3. Mick Reply

    More likely “The sudden burst of sugar makes students less compliant”

  4. Technique Reply

    Kids who go to school are pupils, they are not students.

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