Gay superheroes defend Brighton from 50ft lesbian

Posted On 18 Nov 2009 at 7:59 pm

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a colourful troupe of gay superheroes – and they’re on the loose in Brighton.

Attack of the 50ft lesbian

Attack of the 50ft lesbian

Spandex is a new comic book featuring seven gay and lesbian superheroes, led by glamourous transvestite Liberty.

Its first issue sees the team defending their hometown, Brighton, from ‘The Attack of the 50-foot Lesbian’.

Brightonians will recognise many of the settings used in the comic – which took author Martin Eden a year to write.

He told “I just wanted to spend time on it to get it right, so I would redraw things that weren’t working and I did a lot of photo research in Brighton (the team’s headquarters).”

The first issue will also be the last in its current format. A series of shorts called Spandex Shorts, each featuring a different member of the team, will be the next out, followed by a 120-page graphic novel.

Eden explained: “It’ll contain five Spandex adventures, but it won’t be issues 1, 2, 3, etc, it’ll be issues 1, 4, 8, 13 and 15, and you get to see the covers to the missing issues, and you can fill in the blanks of what happened yourself.”

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Brighton’s gay superheroes:

Diva: The most beautiful superhero you’ll ever see… But don’t let those good looks deceive you – she is deadly in a fight, and has many, many, deep, dark secrets

Glitter: With the ability to transform himself into light, Glitter can be very handy, either in a fight or in a disco

Mr Muscles & Butch: One is super-strong, one is invulnerable, with rock hard skin – and they’re twins

Prowler: Has the power to absorb the skills and abilities of any gay person – so that could mean taking the powers of a team-mate or enemy – or just learning how to throw a fab dinner party

Indigo: With her teleportation powers and energetic nature, Indigo brings new meaning to the word ‘flighty’. She has her ‘Indigo Room’, which is full of weapons, gadgets and costume changes, that she can visit in the blink of an eye

Liberty: The leader of the team and the world’s first transvestite superhero! Liberty has a (female) power suit which gives her strength and flight, and she also has her own Gaydar

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