People power saves the Clyde Road trees

Posted On 12 Feb 2010 at 9:41 pm

Campaigners trying to stop century-old plane trees in Clyde Road being felled are celebrating tonight after a council u-turn.

Less than a week after a Facebook group and e-petition were launched by the newly-formed Save the Clyde Road Trees campaign, Brighton and Hove City Council wrote to residents this afternoon saying it has “reviewed” the situation.

Arboricultural Manager Rob Greenland wrote: “The inspection in Clyde Road did find grounds for concern and a scheme of works to deal with these concerns in the long term was advised openly to the ward councillors and all residents.

“While interpretations of tree health are somewhat subjective, it is possible in hindsight that shorter term and less drastic options could have also been contained in the letter, originally meant as a start to continued consultation.

“I have now reviewed the recent safety audit and am confident that major reduction of the canopies of the trees and restoration pruning of the re-growth would allow the trees to stay in situ, reduce the current safety concerns to an acceptable level and therefore negate the need for felling and it is my intention to now pursue this course of action.”

He added that a public drop in session will be held at Calvary Church in Viaduct Road at 8pm on Wednesday, February 24 for anyone who still has concerns.

The letter has been posted on the Facebook group by its communications officer Fred Pipes, and residents are in jubilant mood.

Donna Edmead said: “I was thinking about Clyde Road residents and friends having a street party to celebrate.”

Curtis Tappenden said: “Well done everyone for such effective and direct action. We will be safe a few more years now. It is good to see our community displaying such strength of character when it really matters. Long may this continue…”

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