Brighton boffins have a Capello chant to win World Cup for England

Posted On 08 Apr 2010 at 6:44 pm

Brighton scientists are searching for the perfect football chant to spur England on to victory in the World Cup this summer.

Researchers from Mindlab used electrodes to test how 16 football fans reacted to various chants. As well as raising players’ spirits, the experts said that chanting could improve their attention, focus and memory.

The scientists, who are based at the Sussex Innovation Centre on the University of Sussex campus in Falmer, hope to publish their findings this month.

Mindlab’s managing director and director of operations is Duncan Smith. He said that he hoped the chant would give Fabio Capello’s England team a boost when the World Cup kicks off in South Africa in June.

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Mr Smith told the BBC that tests measured heart rate, brain activity and response times.

He said: “The chanting and cheering of football fans have proved to have a profound effect on the performance of teams and individual players.

“The idea is we wanted to identify the power of the 12th man and do something to help England win the World Cup.

“We hope it will catch on with fans on the terraces and we can do something to help the team.”

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