Zombie bid to take over city – well, Brighton Pavilion

Posted On 20 Apr 2010 at 8:02 pm

The nominations for Brighton and Hove’s three constituencies are now in – and there’s a surprise candidate for the Brighton Pavilion ward.

Soraya Anne Kara is standing for the Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality, or CURE – one of eight candidates contesting the closely-watched seat.

CURE has slogans such as: “Zombies, like students, are people too. Let’s fight for their right to politically party.” and: “I am not a zombie, but one day I might be. Let’s find a cure.”

It’s website says: “We’re *ridiculously* excited about the prospect of finally standing up for the rights of zombies everywhere on May 6th.”

For the record, the other candidates, together with the full list for Hove and Brighton Kemptown, are listed below.

And while we may be risking accusations of bias, but we won’t be creating a CURE subsection on the site just yet – unless zombies become the new Jedi Knights.

Brighton Kemptown Constituency

Simon Burgess – Labour

James Chamberlain-Webber – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Ben Duncan – Green Party

Dave Hill – Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Simon Gerard Kirby – Conservative Party

Juliet Williams – Liberal Democrats

Brighton Pavilion Constituency

Leo Atreides – no party given

Nigel David Carter – UK Independence Party (UK I P)

Ian Fyvie – Socialist Labour Party

Soraya Anne Kara – Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality

Caroline Lucas – Green Party

Berni Millam – Liberal Democrats

Nancy Platts – Labour

Charlotte Vere Conservative Party

Hove Constituency

Celia Barlow – Labour

Ian Arthur Davey – Green Party

Paul Elgood – Liberal Democrats

Paul William Perrin – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Brian Ralfe – Independent

Mike Weatherley – Conservative Party

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