Brighton community group wins right to advertise

Posted On 07 Oct 2010 at 11:53 pm

A Brighton community group has been given permission to carry advertising on the wall of its offices.

The planning permission comes six weeks after the Government upheld a decision by Brighton and Hove City Council to ban adverts on the building.

The change of heart follows a reduction in the proposed size of the hoarding on the side of Community Base in Queen’s  Road, Brighton.

The charity said: “Permission for the backlit advert, which will earn Community Base £11,000 a year, was granted by council officers.

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“Last year the council’s planning committee, by a majority vote, took away Community Base’s permission to display large banners on its north wall despite there being no objections to the occasional banners, which had been going up for years, and 27 letters of support from neighbours and others.

“The hoarding will go up in the next few weeks.

“Adverts will be subject to Community Base’s policy of good practice which does not allow advertising for pornography, alcohol, tobacco, gambling or political parties.”

Former Labour councillor Roy Pennington said that the decision on the latest application was made by officers because the council had received no objections.

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Mr Pennington said: “The officers decided that the advertisement had been reduced enough from 81 square metres to 21 square metres to allow it.

“It would no longer detract from the visual amenities of the area (and) the nice flint wall would not be masked too much.

“It is estimated that the charity will lose advertising income of £7,000 from the reduction.”

The building is home to more than two dozen charities and community groups.

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