Five Brighton cyclists fined during police action day

Posted On 12 Oct 2010 at 11:48 am

Five cyclists were given on-the-spot fines and 47 others were given warning tickets during a police day of action in a busy Brighton shopping street.

A dozen extra officers from Sussex Police were drafted in to St James’s Street and its surrounding roads for the day of action last Wednesday (6 October).

This was the second day of action prompted by concerns raised by residents and businesses through the St James’s Area Local Action Team (LAT).

Their concerns included street drinking, begging, cycling the wrong way down one-way streets and general anti-social behaviour.

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Chris Cooke, chairman of the LAT, said: “I am delighted with the success of these very popular actions days.

“They clearly demonstrate that neighbourhood police do listen to the local residents and take appropriate and swift action to address their concerns.

“Thanks to Sergeant Alex Evans and his team for their sterling efforts.”

In addition to stopping cyclists, police arrested a woman for breaching an injunction, ordered one person to leave the area because of their anti-social behaviour and stopped four others over concerns about their behaviour.

  1. George Reply

    Good to see Brighton police have their priorities set right. I wonder how many motorists were fined for breaking the 30mph speed limit on the same day?

  2. caeos Reply

    they will be back tomorrow, (the cyclists not the police)

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