Brighton and Hove animal welfare officers pose a stray question

Posted On 17 Nov 2010 at 5:50 am

Animal welfare officers at Brighton and Hove City Council are looking for a new owner for a dog called Barney.

He was found by a resident in Preston Park on Monday 25 October.

The dog is around 18 months old and thought to be a mastiff or a mastiff crossbreed and is currently in stray kennels waiting to be rehomed.

When Barney was collected by council workers he was found to be very underweight but he has now fully recovered and is back to a normal and healthy state.

Reports from the kennel are positive and workers describe Barney as a very sweet-natured, kind and gentle dog who loves spending time playing.

The Animal Welfare Team have asked local rescue centres if they would be able to take Barney but many places are full and don’t have the space for another big dog.

Animal welfare officer Sue Watson said: “Barney is a special dog and we are after a responsible owner who can provide him with a happy home where he will live a healthy life.

“Ideally we would like an owner who has had experience with larger dogs in the past and someone who is aware of their needs.”

Dog owners are being reminded to ensure that their pet wears a collar with an identification tag attached, giving their name and address.

If you would like to give Barney a new home contact animal welfare officer Sue Watson on 01273 292446 or email

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