Tanni Grey-Thompson to sponsor Brighton MP’s bill in House of Lords

Posted On 30 Oct 2012 at 7:12 pm

One of Britain’s most successful disabled athletes will help Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby try to persuade the House of Lords to crack down on blue badge fraud.

Tanni Grey-Thompson is to sponsor Mr Kirby’s Disabled Persons Parking Badges Bill if it is passed by the Commons a week on Friday (9 November) as widely expected.

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Usually, a Conservative MP’s bill would be guided through the Lords by a fellow Tory, but Lady Grey-Thompson, a crossbench peer, is to champion Mr Kirby’s proposed change to the law.

The bill, which has received cross-party support, is intended to make it easier for councils to tackle the abuse of the blue badge scheme.

Lady Grey-Thompson is giving her backing because this will make the blue badge scheme more effective for genuinely disabled drivers and passengers.

The bill is expected complete its passage through the Commons with a report and third reading on Friday week.

Mr Kirby said: “The blue badge scheme is incredibly important to many disabled people who rely on disabled parking facilities.

“However, abuse of the scheme is so widespread that genuine users often struggle to find available spaces.

“My bill will help local councils tackle that abuse and make life easier for disabled residents up and down the country who currently experience unnecessary difficulties due to the inconsiderate actions of those who fraudulently use blue badges.

“Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson will be well known to my constituents as one of our greatest ever Paralympic athletes and a strong voice for disabled people in the House of Lords.

“I am delighted that my bill has Tanni’s support and I look forward to working with her in the coming months to ensure the progress of this important legislation.”


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