Dozens of travellers set up camp in Hove Park

Posted On 17 Dec 2014 at 3:40 pm

Dozens of travellers moved into Hove park last night (Tuesday 16 December).

Sussex Police and Brighton and Hove City Council visited the site this morning to assess the situation and the needs of those living in the camp.

Hundreds of people are expected to take part in the weekly run in the park on Saturday morning.

And one resident said that an exercise group usually works out where the unauthorised camp had pitched up but that he hadn’t seen them this morning.

Hove Park travellers 20141217-1Councillor Jayne Bennett said: “The council has been up with the police this morning.

“We have the fun run in the park every Saturday morning. That usually attracts or so 300 people.

“It’s probably the most well-used park in Brighton and Hove.”

The council said: “We’ve been to the site with police and are looking to resolve the situation as soon as possible. There were about 20 vehicles when we visited.”

The council website said: “We are aware that travellers have arrived in Hove Park overnight.

“Council officers will be visiting the site with the police this morning to carry out the statutory checks and to carry out a community impact assessment.

“This will enable the police and the council to assess next steps.”

The website also gives an update on the situation at Black Rock. It said: “Council officers have made a joint visit to this site with the police and the statutory checks have been carried out.

“Parking enforcement officers have also attended. The owners of the vehicles have been served with notices directing them to move.

Hove Park travellers 20141217-2“As they have not complied with that request, the council has applied to the magistrates’ court for a court order which will enable the council to have the vehicles removed should the occupants fail to leave the site voluntarily.”

A third unauthorised camp on land next to the Racehill Allotments, in Wilson Avenue, Brighton, was also mentioned.

The council website said: “Council officers have visited this site with the police and the statutory checks have been carried out.

“The van dwellers have been told that they are trespassing on council-owned land and have been asked to leave.

“The council has obtained a possession order from the county court which will enable the council to arrange for an eviction to be carried out should the occupants fail to leave the site voluntarily.”

  1. Uncle Ruckus (No Relation) Reply

    Well, it was ‘5 Homes’ Lucas who publicly stated that thanks to the Greens, (quote) ” Brighton is now the most traveller-friendly city in the Uk” (unquote).

    Not long until the incompetent and incapable Green council are removed from power

  2. Michael Furniss Reply

    It should not be possible for unauthorised vehicles to access Hove Park.

  3. Hoveite actually Reply

    The Hove Park cafe should follow the lead of Carrots Cafe. The owner closed his business for a day because the travellers presence was effecting his business. Under such circumstances the police are then forced to move the travellers on within 24 hours under a section of the law. Which is what happened down at Carrots Cafe. Sorted. Pretty sure Hove Park Cafe’s business will be affected the longer the travellers stay. And if the cafe does shut for 24 hours, let’s all make a pledge to pile in and buy loads of coffee the next day by way of thanks!

  4. rivers Reply

    are we the law abiding tax payers of this county allowed to know what the travellers cost us in court costs and rubbish collection .in .a year and what about the top of Wilson avenue;derelict and abandoned caravans.I counted at least 6 today.No doubt,we will pay for them to be removed and still we close and cut back on childrens services really really not fair is it?

  5. Jo Greenwood Reply

    How did they get it?
    Lucas! Get them out! Then go with them!

  6. Hoveite actually Reply


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