Pathetic pirates ‘steal’ Palace Pier cannon

Posted On 27 Apr 2015 at 11:31 am

A band of pirates stormed the Palace Pier in Brighton yesterday on a mission to steal its cannon.

Stealin a cannon1... Tom The Bastard, Seasick Sal and 'Lord' Bill from Dead Man's Jig Pirate CeilidhBut fortunately, they didn’t get very far – as being actors rather than genuine sea rovers, they didn’t have the necessary strength to shift several tonnes of cast iron.

Pirate captain Lord Bill said: “We did try to lift it up but our backs didn’t make it. We’re a bit pathetic as pirates really.

“The great thing is that even though we were there dressed as pirates, nobody batted an eyelid.

“We had loads of people taking photos of us with these strange devices that hadn’t been invented back in our time.

“But we could have got away with murder – if we weren’t so rubbish.”

The stunt was all part of a day of jigs and japes to promote the Pirate Ceilidh show Dead Man’s Jig, part of this year’s Brighton Fringe.

The pirates also performed sea shanties and dances in New Road from 2-4pm to get people in the mood.

The band is also running a competition to name its ship, with two tickets as the prize – suggestions should be left by midnight tonight on the Facebook event page or tweeted to @PirateCeilidh

The 18+ show takes place on Friday, May 1 at 8pm, Friday, May 22 at 8pm and Saturday, May 23 at 4pm and 8pm.

For more information, visit the band’s Facebook page.

  1. John Crane Reply

    Perhaps the ‘Pirates’ might be interested in the genuine researched article, and still have as much fun, check out the HLF funded SDS, http://WWW.Secret on the social history and learning the local songs, and its all free to participants from now on at local venues.

    The SDFSingers are supporting this project.

    • Arrrrrghnold Arrrrrrnoldson Reply

      Arrrrr John, we be likin the cut or yer jib. We be talkin’ t’ South Downs Singers on that fancy new-fangled twitterrin semaphore machine.
      Arrrrrghnold Arrrrrrnoldson, Dead Man’s Jig Pirate Ceilidh.

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