Heavy metal festival warns Brighton neighbours after kicking up a racket last year

Posted On 14 May 2015 at 10:36 am

A new heavy metal festival is writing to people living around Brighton Racecourse to brace themselves after it sparked dozens of complaints last year.

IDIOM at Breakout Festival last year - picture from the  band's Twitter feed

IDIOM at Breakout Festival last year – picture from the band’s Twitter feed

Thousands of people heard raucous music last September as it drifted from the top of the hill across the valley, with most at a loss as to where it was coming from.

Twenty-six complained to Brighton and Hove City Council, and more still to Sussex Police, sparking a visit from council officers.

But once people knew what it was, and that it would be stopping by 11pm, most were happy with the noise levels.

Now, festival organisers are making sure they give everyone plenty of notice of their intention to “scream down the shores of Brighton” on Saturday, 26 September.

A spokeswoman said: “We have been taking on board a lot of feedback from last year and ensuring the neighbours are fully aware of the event has been one of our priorities.

“While we were within our volume restrictions last year, we are taking extra care to ensure residents are notified by post well in advance and will be addressing any queries they may have prior to Breakout taking place.

“We are in close contact with both the council and the environmental health office to ensure they are satisfied with how our noise is managed.

“We’re very excited to be returning this year and hope to make Breakout Festival a fixture in Brighton’s calendar.

“The support from our audience has been amazing and they are really helping to ensure this year is even better for everyone.

“We ask that anyone with concerns doesn’t hesitate to contact us on info@breakoutfestival.co.uk.”

The first wave of acts announced for Breakout are Sikth, Martyr Defiled, Black Tongue, TRC and Dead Harts.

Tickets are available priced Ā£25 from Ticketmaster and Gigantic.

  1. Andy Reply

    Typical council loads of complaints but let’s go ahead with the festival anyway..they weren’t complaining because they weren’t warned..complaining because of the noise.
    Surely the football stadium is a better place to hold this festival rather than a residential area. #commonsense

  2. Annie Reply

    Actually all the discussion on twitter via @heglat really was about not being warned – and fearing it going on til the early hours. Like, if you had planned having friends round or a barbecue that night you were screwed. And the organisers were totally cool about saying “totally fair enough, we will next year”, and now they are! And clearly the metallers loved it , so I do t begrudge them their night, but I might go visit my folks that weekend šŸ™‚

  3. Mark Strong Reply

    Annie’s right, the noise (around Queen’s Park) was loud but no worse than Pride, say.

    What was worse was exactly the surprise & not knowing how long it was going on for.

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