i360 test flights reach full height

Posted On 14 Jun 2016 at 7:17 pm

The i360 test flights reached their full height of 450ft this afternoon as the glass donut soared into the skies.



As well as these official images from the i360, residents posted their own pictures of the donut from across the city on social media.

This picture was taken by Stuart Robinson from Hanover and posted on Facebook:

By Stuart Robinson

By Stuart Robinson

  1. Joe Stains Reply

    Everybody that I know refers to the wretched thing as the Brighton ‘Stink-Pipe’….

  2. jon Reply

    Fantastic idea, design and application.
    Long may it remain, welcome to the 21st century Brighton.

  3. Mrs Wendy Richardson Reply

    The Brighton Stink Pipe? Never heard anyone call it that but then aside from my kids I don’t really hang out with anyone under the age of 12.

  4. Rita Snatch Reply

    ‘Stink Pipe’? …. How stupid.

    It’s a Crematorium Chimney in a very unattractive grey.

    Why couldn’t they have illuminated it and made it a good seafront attraction?

  5. Tony Blundell Reply

    Hello everyone. Me and my partner live on regency square. We love it all! It’s great that the designers of this whole i360 site have incorporated the old and the new and the imotive. I often wonder what the people who complain and put those people down who have put so much passion into their work , would come up with themselves. Over though, over budget, often fleetingly fashionable.
    Chill out Brighton, we might have had nothing, but we’ve got iconic in many ways.
    Cheers tony n Joe x

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