Question Time to be filmed in Brighton the day after the Chilcot report is published

Posted On 30 Jun 2016 at 11:59 pm

The BBC TV politics panel programme Question Time is to be filmed in Brighton next Thursday (7 July).

The public will be able to put their questions to politicians on the day after the long-awaited publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq war.

Among the panellists will be Tony Blair’s former flatmate Charlie Falconer, 64, who served as Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary when Mr Blair was Prime Minister.

Lord Falconer resigned as Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary earlier this week – one of several shadow cabinet members and opposition spokesmen to quit over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Private Eye editor Ian Hislop, 55, the ever-present panellist on the current affairs BBC TV comedy programme Have I Got News For You, is also due to be a guest.

The programme is hosted by David Dimbleby. To apply for tickets, click here.

  1. Gerald Wiley Reply

    Surely Caroline Lucas will have to be on this show to brand everyone who voted ‘Leave’ as rascists and demand that Proportional Representation is introduced for all future UK elections?

    • Steve hancock Reply

      Im not a racist and i boted leave you stupid man

  2. Karen Reply

    Lucas is much smarter than that, & every fool knows that while not all Leave voters were racists, all racists voted for Leave.

  3. Charlie Reply

    You know I’m just sick of ppl at each other’s throats now about the bloody referendum. Rather than divide the populous we should unite against the huge wealth gap, which is what causes most of societal problems..

    It really matters not how any of us voted anymore, banding together to make it work is needed now not point scoring.

    Just my humble opinion of course

  4. Julie Looker Reply

    Wheres the fighting spirit England!!?? No one seems to care about Britain these days.

  5. Mohammed Asaduzzaman Reply

    Exclusion does not help to build the socity , I would urge we must work togather to build the bridge building capacity . We must think our young people their future .
    We must think one village in the whole world to be free and fare for every one need .
    We must not close the door to come fresh air from the nature ,
    We must stop hate , we are all human . Also rich must put their tax to help the broader socity to act civil leverty

    • Gerald Wiley Reply

      @Mohammed – totally agree – however politicians need to address issues caused by uncontrolled immigration and the impact it has on those currently living in an area. It is all well and good if numbers are relatively small and the groups integrate into the community. But it is when you have major increases – not just of a racial group, but also like areas in Brighton where there have been large increases in the numbers of students – where those already there feel threatened and they have had no chance to express their views on the matter.

      If the new groups then decide that they don’t want to integrate, but instead continue to live in a segregated community, possibly continuing to speak in their mother tongues, this further promotes a ‘them and us’ mentality.

      Instead those living there already are just told by politicians to ’embrace diversity’ or to ‘just accept it’ or if they do complain they are marked as ‘racists’ or ‘xenophobes’ and as a result some then get very negative. This is particularly when the concept has not been explained, or indeed sold, to the current community. Instead they then get to feel that the change has been ‘imposed’ and they become very negative.

      What some may call ‘racism’ could just be fear of change, and some might instead call this ‘nationalism’ or ‘patriotism’.

      I think this is what caused the major ‘Leave’ vote in many areas and the overall result to leave the EU where certain areas could finally state what they really believed rather than what they have been told they should do by the ‘thought police’ in Westminster.

  6. Debbie Reply

    I agree with you, well expressed. I for one am tired of the squabbles and name calling. Calling an out voter racist, even if they had many other reasons to vote the way they did, in a democratic society, with the right to express their opinions in a vote , this behaviour could be called bullying . We had little information to go on, a lot of lies and arguing amongst the different sides,, which didn’t help. But we were told every vote counted ( the way it should be in all votes) We can not demand a second go, because some of us are stamping our feet, like spoiled children,, in the same way we can’t demand the England football team has another go at wining, because we didn’t agree with the choices made by their manager. Come on people a win is a win, end of . We now need to hope our government make the right choices for our country and all of its people and not just for the Benifit of the elite .Divide and conquer, we are now divided, it’s not the time to roll over and be controlled. We need to join together with the same goal…we need to unite and call for honesty and fairness for all. So our future families have a good future, in a vibrant, prosperous , positive, healthy, happy Britain.. Surely that is not too much to ask, from the people in parliament, we pay to make good choices for every citizen .

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