Brighton church to be turned into flats

Posted On 14 Jul 2016 at 3:21 pm
By Roz Scott

A 19th-century church in Brighton is to be turned into flats after plans for the conversion were approved yesterday (Wednesday 13 July).

The plans to convert Clermont Church, in Clermont Terrace, near Preston Park, into six flats were agreed by Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee.

Councillor Nick Taylor objected to the conversion of the church on behalf of himself and his fellow Withdean Ward councillors, Ann and Ken Norman. His concerns included parking, the loss of the community space and fears that the flats would not be in keeping with the heritage of the village.

By contrast Councillor Michael Inkpin-Leissner said: “I am always pretty sad when places of worship go but I like the design and the heritage support is very important for me.

“If there are problems, I encourage the developers to deal with them right away.

“I agree to the suggestion to provide free bus passes as part of the travel plan scheme and to support the car club.”

Clermont Church in Preston Village, Brighton - picture courtesy of Hassocks 5489 / Wiki Commons

Clermont Church in Preston Village, Brighton – picture courtesy of Hassocks 5489 / Wiki Commons

The Planning Committee granted the application after previous attempts to provide a community facility had failed.

Reasons include lack of disabled access, no toilets during term-time and the prohibitive cost of maintenance and heating which has made the church hard to let as a community centre. Clermont has not been used as a church since 2006.

Millionaire Robbie Raggio will build one three-bedroom flat, two one-bedroom flats and three two-bedroom flats. RSP Architects, based in Hove, have put together the designs, adding another storey.

The architectural integrity of the church, built in 1877, will be preserved, the committee was told.

The members voted unanimously in favour of the flats.

They also voted unanimously in favour of turning plans for 107 Marine Drive, on the coast road in Rottingdean, into seven flats and two semi-detached houses. Access for the new homes will be from Chailey Avenue.

  1. malcolm Reply

    more homes for the well off

    • James G Reply

      Are the well off not allowed homes.

  2. dazzel Reply

    maybe he can offer free car washes for all residents in the area as nice (community) gesture …

  3. Nitrous McBread Reply

    Can we please turn all churches into flats? They’d be useful then.

  4. Philip Hilton Reply

    Great idea, unused building are always targets for arsonists etc, so one should think that the church at least will accommodate the homeless, that seems there are plenty of.

  5. Greenspaces Reply

    What a joke!! So much for democracy! The only person to benefit will be mr Raggio lining his own pockets.I feel so sorry for the residents of Cumberland Road who endure mounting pressure on the parking situation. Sending you all our condolences.

  6. Greenspaces Reply

    All issues concerning parking issues were not resolved believe me as a resident I should Know having lived here for nearly 30 Years.
    Mr raggios pockets will be lined even more now this undemocratic decision has been made by the
    out of touch planning commitee.
    Thanks for nothing!!

  7. katprapas Reply

    The planning status is under an awaiting decision. So that means that the decision hasn’t been made yet.

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