Jeremy Corbyn’s ID card found at Brighton Station

Posted On 14 Jul 2016 at 2:45 pm

With everything that’s been going on in the last few weeks, it would be understandable if Jeremy Corbyn was feeling a bit distracted when he arrived in Brighton to speak at the Unite conference yesterday.
Terry Wing with Jeremy Corbyn's pass found at Brighton Station
So it came as no surprise when a security guard found an ID card apparently belonging to the beleaguered Labour leader at Brighton Station.

The card, featuring a picture of Mr Corbyn, his name, and the number 05/20 on a green and white striped background, was handed into police as per the instructions on the back by station security.

Mr Corbyn, who is known for travelling on public transport, was in Brighton to speak at the Unite conference yesterday afternoon:

  1. robert Reply

    And do you have any coverage of what he said at the conference?

  2. Ed Reply

    It is very unprofessional of the security guard to take a selfie with the ID before handing it in.

    • Rob Greenway Reply


    • Annoymous Reply

      Leave him alone!

    • Nathan Reply

      Not a selfie if he’s got both hands on the card… who gives a damn if he’s got a pic or not

  3. Tom Reply

    Very unprofessional to take a picture of something so sensitive…

  4. Will Reply

    If Corbyn can’t manage looking after his own ID cards, how on earth can be expected to manage looking after the country?

  5. Stuart k Reply

    Very in professional to take a selfie, lol, sack him, oh wait UNITE will call a strike, I know a secret momentum linking will get him in line.

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