Zola Budd and Mary Decker to answer Brighton audience’s questions after documentary screening

Posted On 28 Jul 2016 at 3:14 am

Olympic athletes Zola Budd and Mary Decker will answer questions from the audience at a Brighton cinema after a documentary about the pair is screened on Saturday (30 July).

The Fall – a 90-minute film about their clash in the 3,000m final at the Los Angeles Games – brought the pair together.

The documentary is being shown on the Sky Atlantic television channel at 9pm tomorrow evening (Friday 29 July).

According to the blurb, “it tells the remarkable story of a South African barefoot runner, an American track-and-field prodigy, and the events behind one of the most memorable moments in sporting history.

“The film charts two journeys, from rural South Africa under apartheid and the rolling hills of Southern California to the starting line of the women’s 3,000 metres.

“It uncovers a tale of betrayal and exploitation, of the blurred lines between politics, media and sport and of the dedication and sacrifice required to compete at the highest level.

“It’s a story that split governments and divided nations but at its heart is a tale of two young women who, despite the turmoil in their lives, just wanted to run.”

The director Daniel Gordon and executive produce John Battsek will also take part in the Q&A session at the Duke of York’s on Saturday after the 8.30pm screening.

Zola Budd told the BBC that the documentary offered the pair “the first opportunity for us to get together and get to know each other”. She said: “The media made a big hype out of it.”

After the fall, she added: “That made it much worse than it actually was.”

Although Mary Decker said shortly after crashing out of the Olympic final that Zola Budd had been at fault, she said this week: “It was an unfortunate accident.”

Their rivalry was one of a number of duels on the track in LA, with another being between middle distance runners Steve Ovett, from Brighton, and Britain’s current Olympics boss Sebastian Coe.

Above is a link to a trailer for the documentary. Below are a brief look at the incident and a BBC TV interview with Zola Budd and Mary Decker, broadcast on Tuesday (26 July).

  1. Philip Hilton Reply

    Watched the One Show the other night and they were best of friends, and have been for many years.

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