Jeremy Corbyn to speak at rally in Brighton

Posted On 30 Jul 2016 at 7:50 pm

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Brighton to address supporters at a rally on Tuesday (2 August).

Constituency parties are banned from holding hustings during the leadership election contest – and the predominantly Corbyn-supporting Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party is currently suspended. It is also barred from organising hustings in the contest between Mr Corbyn and his challenger Owen Smith, a Sussex University graduate.

Instead the event has been organised by Momentum Brighton and Hove – part of a nationwide network of supporters of Mr Corbyn.

The speakers include Councillor Kevin Allen, who addressed a meeting of Momentum Brighton and Hove at the Friends’ Meeting House, in Brighton, on Thursday 21 July – a week after the local Labour party was suspended.

Mr Corbyn will be speaking at an event which is due to take place at the Hilton Brighton Metropole on Tuesday at 7pm.

  1. The Boss Reply

    Oh great. We get another out of touch Londoner come to Brighton.

    He should lose. He’s a horrible odious man with links to homophobic institutions like Iran State Tv. All the muppet middle class lefties will come out to support, regardless of whether working class people, those who labour were designed to represent, support him.

    • Flinchy Reply

      Dude that doesn’t make sense. If middle class people vote for him they are voting for his policy’s. Take fair distribution of wealth for example then middle class people who think that’s a good idea may have less wealth in years to come. But they are prepared to take that route because the alternative is far worse in there eyes. That’s good right? Who do you want them to support?

    • Daniel Harris Reply

      Get a life, Jeremy attended London Pride, I’ve spoken to him personally and he is a massive supporter of the LGBT community. Please don’t comment on a community you know nothing about.

    • peter smith Reply

      I’m a working class muppet thank you very much.

  2. Mike Reply


  3. Oli Reply

    What are you ‘the boss’ of? Bullshit?

  4. Tom Payne Reply

    I suggest you read again. It”s Corbyn speaking not Blair.

  5. Rmm5126 Reply

    Completely disagree, I believe Jeremy speaks to the working class above everyone and will be welcomed in progressive Brighton more than anywhere. I cannot wait!

    • Geoff Reply

      Jeremy is clearly a middle class name.His core supporters are affluent people who prefer to have a Conservative government with a middle class labour leader providing cosy commentary!

  6. eileen morris Reply

    I think that these people who knock Jeremy Corbyn have never taken the time to listen to what he’s saying. He is a remarkable man who has stood steadily by his principles for years

  7. Daniel Harris Reply

    The Story Should be in 15 hours this event have shifted 1000 tickets. Much More than when Tom Jones came to Brighton recently in the same period. Jeremy is major league and totally represents the progressive community we have here. Jeremy is always in town, he loves Brighton.

    Listen out for his big announcement at Brighton Train station on the Tuesday when he arrives!

  8. Tom Reply

    Is preaching to the converted the best use of his time?

    • peter smith Reply

      He’s not allowed to ‘preach’ to anyone via the bbc/sky/media monopolies…

  9. Richard Jenkins Reply

    The Boss lol does his comment or name warrant anything ….Corbyn has supported LGBT communities for years anyone who knows anything about him knows that

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