Bike hub removed after resident complains about noise

Posted On 12 Oct 2017 at 5:03 pm

One of the new bike share docking hubs was removed this week after a resident complained about bikes taking up the pavement and riders making noise at night.

Picture by Bricycles on Twitter

Since the BTN BikeShare was launched on September 1, an average of 800 journeys have been made every day, with 50,000 miles clocked up in the first 30 days.

However, someone living in Whitecross Street has not been so keen on the scheme, and the hub has now been removed while Brighton and Hove City Council looks at alternative locations.

The move has been criticised by cycling campaigners Bricycles. Spokeswoman Becky Reynolds said: “We want the council to come out with the reason so everyone can see whether the removal is fair or not. The road’s all car parks, so why pick on the bike hire station?

“Why remove this important central dock close to the popular North Laine area without having come up with another location?”

A spokesman for BTN Bikeshare said: “The Whitecross Street docking station has been removed. This was instructed by the council due to local concerns. However, a replacement hub will be installed nearby once a location is agreed upon.”

And a council spokesman added: “We’re responding to concerns from a resident about issues such as space being occupied on the footway or potential for noise at night.

“While we haven’t conceded these points we’re agreeing to look at alternative locations to allay any such concerns locally and maintain good relations between the scheme and residents in the area.”

Before the hub was removed. Picture by Bricycles from Twitter

Meanwhile, the bikeshare scheme continues to expand, with Brighton Station, Brighton Marina and the universities among the latest docking stations to be installed. A map of the live docking stations can be found at

Tim Caswell, owner of Hourbike, the company operating the scheme, said: “We came in knowing Brighton and Hove is a unique city with a strong cycling culture, but still the usage figures are even better than we could have imagined! None of our other schemes across UK and Europe have had such a strong first month.”

Chair of the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee Gill Mitchell, added: “It’s encouraging to hear that BTN Bike Share has had a successful first month and that the bikes are proving popular with both residents and visitors to the city.”

  1. Gerald Wiley Reply

    Was there any planning review or consultation with residents before these ugly hubs were installed all across the city, or were they just imposed by the righteous pro-cycling lobby as they always know best?

    • Becky Reynolds Reply

      Yes there was a public consultation. I responded at the time as could anyone in Brighton and Hove.

      • Gerald Wiley Reply

        Thanks Becky – but you are the key pro-cycling activist and I would expect you to fully support anything encouraging cycling no matter how cluelessly implemented.

        A bit like all the public money wasted on failed pro-cycling projects (such as OSR cycle lanes and the Brighton Station Hub) by Ian Davey. BTW – whatever happened to Ian Davey?

        As you were intimately involved in this “Boris Bike” scheme, do you happen to know what pre-defined success criteria is for the project and how many years it will take to give a return on the investment.

  2. Andy Richards Reply

    “Ugly” cycle hubs? As opposed to all those gorgeous parked cars?

    Have a word with yourself…….

    • Gerald Wiley Reply

      Yes – ugly, dangerous and blocking large swathes of pavement with hardly anyone actually using them.

  3. Andy Richards Reply

    “Ugly” cycle hubs.

    As opposed to all those gorgeous parked cars.

    Have a word with yourself……..

  4. Peter Tosh Reply

    Looks like you’re doing just that Andy.

  5. Mark Davis Reply

    shame – the bikes are aces

    • Gerald Wiley Reply

      In what way are the Boris bikes “ace”?

  6. Steve Reply

    This is absolutely the most pathetic infuriating and ludicrous thing I ve read ?! Bikes are noisy compared to what ? Ants ? Blackbirds ? Cars and vans are 1000 times noisier but we have to put up with them ! What a total joke.

    • Robin Reply

      Those bloody motorbikes really are obnoxiously, obscenely noisy ! §

  7. Corey Reply

    Dear person who complained, the sea is walking distance. Get in it.

  8. Steve Reply

    So the hub was removed on the complaint of a single resident?

  9. Mark Strong Reply

    There was indeed consultation by Brighton & Hove City Council.

    You can see the report to the council’s Environment Sustainability & Transport Committee on 14/3/17 here & the decisions are minuted here$$$Minutes.doc.pdf (page 20)

    Before the scheme got its funding from the Coast to Capital LEP there was a very large amount of due diligence and appraisal applied to the bid by the council AND the LEP. The council’s bid (by a well-established consultant) sets out criteria for financial success (basically, breaking even or better still running at a profit allowing for capital costs being funded). The LEP’s assessment (by a different consultant) looked at whether it was a good use of public funds & while it imposed some conditions on the grant the overall conclusion was that it was. People can look this up for themselves!

    I should add that I was part of the *first* consultant team that did the initial report on this for the council in 2010. With a 7 year journey from idea to delivery nobody can accuse them of rushing the bike share process without proper consideration!

    Now that BTNBikeShare is here it appears that it is possibly the most successful start of a bike share scheme in the UK (relative to size) based on user numbers.

    So let’s celebrate a successful local scheme aimed at encouraging people to cycle – whether they do so regularly, or haven’t been on a bike for many years.

  10. Bill Rutter Reply

    2 years down the line and it would seem that all the objection to this cycle hub has acheived is it’s replacement by wheeled rubbish bins. Well done that person.

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