Visible work on Soho House finally starts

Posted On 19 Jul 2018 at 2:38 pm

By Eva Hellqvist

Could this finally be the start of the Soho House development?

Seafront traders east of the pier are hoping that these builders arriving on Madeira Drive means that work has now started in earnest on the Aquarium Terraces revamp.

The units have now stood empty for more than three years awaiting Soho House to turn them into a private members club and restaurants open to the public.

By Eva Hellqvist

Under the plans approved in 2015, some of the existing units would be refurbished and others demolished and replaced, including two new pavilions above at upper tier level.

In May, Soho House assured traders and outgoing council leader Warren Morgan that work had started inside the units.

But this is the first sign of work happening from the outside.


Planning permission for the ambitious revamp, which involves knocking down much of the existing buildings on Madeira Drive and building new pavilions, was first approved in December 2015.

After nothing happened for several months, then-council leader Warren Morgan sought and obtained assurances it would still happen the following October.

A year later, he requested an urgent update as there was still no sign of any work on the site – and was told that builders would be starting early this year.

Meanwhile, developers Brighton Seafront Regeneration made a £50,000 pledge to the Madeira Terraces fundraiser.

Traders east of the pier eager for the development to proceed grew even more disheartened by May when no building work was to be seen – although Soho Hose said that preparatory work was taking place inside.

This week, barriers, building materials and men in hi-vis jackets were finally spotted at the site.

  1. Sarah Reply

    And about time too! I walk past there most days and it is only since Monday this week that pretty much ANYTHING has been done there since they put up the white hoardings months ago.

    To say that work has been going on inside is a bit rich, as I have only ever seen a door open and people doing something on about 4 occasions over the last year!

    Let’s hope they pull their fingers out now and get it done.

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