‘Biggest fly-tip in years’ dumped in Whitehawk last night

Posted On 04 Oct 2018 at 11:55 am

An appeal has been launched to find thr criminals who carried out thr biggest fly-tip the city has seen in several years.

Brighton and Hove City Council asked for help this morning finding those responsible for dumping rubble, empty paint pots, plants and even a broken bike on Whitehawk Hill.

It tweeted: “Can you help us catch criminals who’ve carried out the largest flytip in the city in years?

The Spearhead

“The incident happened last night around 9.15pm on Whitehawk Hill Road and the track to the allotments beside St John the Baptist School.

“Please contact 01273 294377 with any information.”

  1. Spike. Reply

    Disgraceful! If they catch these people I’d suggest prison time and fines preceded by a few days in the stocks for a bit of public humiliation, enough is enough!

  2. Rupert Reply

    Awful. Especially doing it an already run down area. Some people. Hope this never happens on dyke road!

    • Steve Reply

      Run down area! There’s nothing wrong with Whitehawk! I hope it don’t happen anywhere but if it does I hope it’s in your drive way, then you would need some of the hard working people from the area to clean up for you as I doubt you know what a hard days work is!!!

    • Rosalind Hughes Reply

      This is not a run down area .These three storie self build town houses were built in the 1970s by hard working men.My husband being one of them,and we still live up here.So get your facts right.

  3. Peter Reply

    it’s about time these people received heavy prison sentences instead of trivial fines

  4. Iswis Reply

    This is most definitely NOT a ‘rundown’ area!!

  5. Iswis Reply

    It’s not Whitehawk, it’s above Bristol Estate and a very respectable area. The Council team responded incredibly quickly and spent all day, nonstop, to safely restore order. Really excellent job!

  6. Douglas Sinden Reply

    They could easily find who did that. Cctv from surrounding areas. Finger prints and dna.

  7. Rob Reply

    Where it took place seems less relevant other than the fact that it was directly outside a school so that young children had to walk through bricks and wires and broken glass. Cars were trapped above this blockage so that they could not get to work and emergency services could not reach them if needed. Whoever did this had no regard for anyone but themselves. They will probably have taken money to a law abiding person to clear their waste then abused the local residents with this awful crime. Any time spent finding them is time well spent.

  8. Chris Reply

    they should take their vehicles money etc away and raid their homes caravans,possibly the same idiots
    who tipped on the main road into Lullinton by Severn Sisters Park a few weeks back literally round a bend nearly caused several accidents. That was there for days the council just put signs out obviously not a rich neighbourhood.

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