Neighbours claim Hove terrace breaches planning rules

Neighbours are angry because they say that a new housing scheme has gone ahead without following the conditions set by a planning inspector.

A terrace of four houses in Marmion Road, Hove, have been built with deviations from the original plans which were approved on appeal in 2016, neighbours said.

Now the developer Albany Homes has applied for permission to allow clear glass in balconies, changes to the size and position of windows and the removal of proposals for two trees on the site.

The developer also hopes to overcome a condition that no wiring, meter boxes, pipework, aerials or flues be fixed to the houses facing the road as gas boiler flues and meters are on the front of the buildings.

Neighbours have sent 19 comments to Brighton and Hove City Council, opposing the changes.

One neighbour wrote on the council’s planning website: “The glass balustrades should have been obscure glass. They have inserted clear glass instead.

“The windows on the second and third floor look directly into the bedrooms of 2, 4 and 6 Mainstone Road, removing any privacy for the people occupying them.

“The only remedy is to place misted plastic film on our own windows, obviously at our cost, which removes our access to looking on to the street.

“The current position of the boiler flues was specifically prohibited by the planning inspector.

“I was also informed that trees would be planted which have been neglected.”

Another neighbour said: “We really do not wish to see any more building work. We have already endured two years of noise and dust. There is also currently another development going on directly opposite.

“However, I think the clear glass balconies should be replaced with obscure glass to protect the neighbours living opposite.

“The building does looks like a brick box and tree planting at the south of the building was promised with the original plans.

“I think the development could reduce the parking area so that trees could be planted instead.”

Planning officials have recommended granting permission for the changes.

The council’s Planning Committee is due to discuss the issue at Hove Town Hall next Wednesday (7 November).

The committee, which meets in public, starts at 2pm.

  1. saveHOVE Reply

    Well done thise vigilant residents.

    Because developers bully planners to give consents, leaving as much as possible unresolved as a (changeable ) Condition and planners get bullied to hurry up and provide decisions/consents – this is the result. And developers count on the public disappearing and not following how Conditions are resolved – often long after.


    Developers deliberately drag feet, withold info at the planning stage with the aim of forcing awkward details into Conditions. Once they get planning consent, they hold a whip hand to force planners to agree to dump or change Conditions.

    And BHCC is too poor to pay for enough of a fight back!

  2. Dave elphick Reply

    Another developer getting away works that wouldn’t have been approved on original application

  3. Sean fowler Reply

    Developers are a scourge on society,and should be held accountable to all whom are victims of male practice and they ought to pay higher penalty’s because of it,well done to the people whom are so affected.

  4. Mr Richardson Reply

    This sort of issue can be found on other sites, with developers getting away with things the Planning Office does not follow up on. Another build to the topic above, has caused a long term ‘fault’ with a roadway that is still unmade despite three town houses being built where the developer was to have made the road up to highway standards at the end of the works. It wasn’t and the developer went bust not long after, and some years later, locals are found fighting over the condition of the surface for one, that is just topped up MOT road stones, with no drainage, or lighting and a free for all for parking, as it is not declared a highway, within a permit area, yet no one can receive a parking ticket. Too often visitors will leave a vehicle unattended with no note, and cause difficulty for Refuse and the emergency services. Those fronting the ‘Private Road’ all have a part share of responbility in their deeds at Land Registry yet appears to be voluntary and not enforceable, with no official body to turn to.
    Had the final roadway been inspected properly, & not signed off by council officials at the time, it could have been so different!

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