Conservatives put case for changes to Brighton and Hove City Council’s budget

Posted On 28 Feb 2019 at 6:40 pm

Conservative leader Tony Janio has called on Brighton and Hove City Council to set aside almost £2 million to improve roads and pavements.

He made the call as he introduced a series of amendments to the budget proposed by the Labour-led council.

Councillor Janio said: “Our amendments would see a cut in Labour’s tax rise, by reducing bureaucracy and waste.

“And far from cutting services, we would invest in respite activities for children and young people with disabilities, support life-saving sexual health services, purchase more library books and provide better information for our residents to support homeless people.

“A smaller rise in council tax, set at the general inflation rate, demonstrates a clear commitment to Brighton and Hove taxpayers.

“Conservatives will deliver the services you need whilst costing you less.”

The opposition leader – who hopes to become leader of the council next week now that the Tories have the most seats – added: “Our additional £2.93 million capital spend will deliver much-needed investment to key areas that have been neglected by Labour.

“We would invest £1 million on improving the city’s urban realm and, by restructuring the Shelter Hall project, following Labour’s catastrophic handling of the scheme, we will reverse the Labour cuts to ‘Local Transport Plan’ spending by releasing an additional £1.9 million on improving our city’s roads and pavements.

“The Conservative budget amendments – an alternative budget for a new administration – should pass tonight as a budget that unlocks the potential of our great city rather than a city held captive by a bullying and anti-semitic Momentum movement concerned not with what is best for residents but rather propping up the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.”

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