Calls to close off city centre rat run

People living in a city centre street want to close one end to stop it being used as a rat run.

Residents of Temple Street are sick of cars, mopeds and even HGVs using the one way street to avoid the traffic lights by Waitrose on Western Road.

They are asking the council to close it off at the Western Road entrance – but make it two-way from Montpelier Place.

An e-petition on Brighton and Hove City Council’s website received 159 signatures, allowing campaigners to take their case to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee.

People living in Temple Street have held public meeting with council officers and have the support of Regency ward councillor Tom Druitt.

A temporary road closure in the summer proved an improvement, according to residents, who feel the road is now an established alternative for drivers avoiding the traffic lights by Waitrose.

Temple Street resident Karen Boyd said: “Residents are totally fed up with the noise and volumes of traffic and we are all scared that someone is going to get hit by a speeding vehicle.

“They don’t slow down and travel way over the speed limit.

“We’ve also got higher than average nitrogen dioxide levels on the street because of the volumes of traffic and the fact there is no way for the pollution to escape on such a narrow street.”

She said increasing numbers of delivery motorbikes from the large number of restaurants and take-aways in the area, as well as couriers, taxis and HGVs are among the contributors to increasing fumes.

The volume of traffic is compounded when supermarket delivery vans end up blocking the road because it is too narrow to pass.

The road is part of the Montpelier and Clifton Hill Conservation area with houses built in the 1800s.

The petition will be presented to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee when it meets in public at Hove Town Hall from 4pm on Tuesday, 8 October.

  1. Bored Council Tax Payer Reply

    You’ll be lucky to get anything to happen. If no councillor lives there, then you will be ignored.

    I live in an area with an illegal rat-run cut through. Bollards have literally been ripped out of the ground to access our previously silent street. Now rush hours lead to many dozens of cars charging through the tiny gap.

    There seems to be a brainless attitude of “If I drive really fast round that blind corner then no one will see me”. Which leads to screeches of brakes as cars suddenly approach each other without warning.

    These are all people trying to escape the Lewes Road congestion, which means they are already annoyed when they turn into our road. And take that aggression out in their driving.

    This is frustrating when the council will not even respond to complaints about the damaged and stolen bollards that has led to this problem.

    I should note – I am a car driver and not anti-car. Just pointing out roads like Temple Street and where I live are not designed for that kind of volume of traffic.

  2. Bagmad Reply

    How is it a rat run? Nothing moves anywhere in the town anymore.

  3. Siobhan Reply

    you would get that many signatures on a petition if you were verbally threatening residents!!

  4. Rob Reply

    ooh i didn’t know about this, thanks!

  5. David Reply

    Would it help to reverse the one-way system?

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