Thug with tattooed face now banned from Eastbourne as well as Brighton

Posted On 21 Jan 2020 at 9:32 am

Tobias Denyer aka Toby Denyer

A man who was banned from Brighton town centre has now been excluded from the centre of Eastbourne.

Tobias Denyer, 38, was served a criminal behaviour order at Brighton Magistrates’ Court in October last year banning him from central Brighton for two years.

But after his behaviour continued in Eastbourne, he has now been banned from there too.

However, police say he has now been housed and hope he will turn his life around.

PC Scott Franklin-Lester said: “We tried to engage with Mr Denyer but he would not accept our advice or help. We received complaints about him daily and we had to act to protect the public.

“In agreement with outreach services and Mr Denyer’s defence team, a list of conditions were drawn up which will limit the anti-social behaviour he had previously displayed.

“An exclusion zone was agreed during the peak times in the town centre. Measures were put in place to ensure he can access essential services and facilities without having a negative effect on others. Mr Denyer has now found accommodation and we are hoping that he can rebuild his life.”

On the same day as the first criminal behaviour order was served, Denyer assaulted PC Simmonds and PC Tahir in Eastbourne – and 10 days later, on the day police released his mugshot, he was caught in St James’s Street.

On Saturday 23 November, he admitted those assaults and breaching the order and was given a community order.

But the reports about anti-social behaviour in Eastbourne continued to come in. The local police “prevention team” worked with other organisations to try to help Denyer to stop his offending but he continued to behave in an anti-social way.

Denyer was arrested on Thursday 9 January for a public order offence to which he confessed and was remanded to court that afternoon. His guilty plea was taken into consideration and an amendment to his existing criminal behaviour order was made.

He is now excluded from the centre of Eastbourne between 9am and 7pm, unless attending a pre-arranged appointment. The exclusion zone stretches from Cavendish Place to Seaside Road.

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