10 more things you might not know about Hangleton

Posted On 09 Feb 2020 at 5:33 am

1) Hangleton Way is one of the longest continuous thoroughfares in Brighton and Hove at nearly one and a half miles long. It is bounded by the junction with Hangleton Road to the south and Poynings Drive in the northeast. It contains two churches, two parades of shops and three schools. But absolutely no pubs. Certainly not the Grenadier.

2) Hangleton is bounded by Hangleton Road, Hangleton Valley Drive and Downland Drive. Anything outside this area is just plain old Hove.

3) Hangleton has three councillors, Tony Janio (Ind) Dawn Barnett (Con) and Nick Lewry (Con). At the local elections last year the Hangleton and Knoll ward vote went to three recounts, with Nick Lewry retaining his seat by just two votes.

4) In 1980 a Sea King helicopter landed on the West Blatchington school field in Hangleton Way. However, this was a pre-arranged demonstration.

5) St Helen’s Church in Hangleton is one of the oldest buildings in Brighton and Hove, dating back to 1093. The 19th century Irish Barrister Edward Kenealy is intombed there.

6) Hangleton is not unaccustomed to infectious disease. In the 13th century, bubonic plague caused the then village to be abandoned.

7) Hove Borough Council began building houses north east of the Grenadier pub in 1947. The first road was named after former Alderman JJ Clarke.

8) Hangleton boasts two pubs, the aforementioned Grenadier Hotel and the Hangleton Manor. A third, the Downsman, with its distinctive green roof, in Hangleton Way, closed in 2014. The site will soon provide much-needed housing, with work well under way.

9) A railway line once ran through it. The Dyke branch line ran from Aldrington to the Devil’s Dyke. Homes now line the old route as far as Hangleton Way where, by the shopping parade, it becomes a footpath to the Downs.

10) Hangleton Rovers FC who played at Toads Hole Valley, once lost 27-2 in Sussex Sunday League 11, back in 1979. They disbanded soon after.

  1. LD Reply

    You missed a few…

    The Queen opened Hangleton Library

    Mentioned in the Doomsday Book

    Has its own Brass Band

    Most people know it by learning to drive there

    Even has its own newspaper

    And so on…

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