New McDonald’s opening within weeks

Posted On 06 May 2021 at 9:26 am

The McDonald’s sign at Asda. Picture by Laura Cooper

An opening date for McDonald’s new restaurant at Hollingbury Asda has been announced.

The cafe has been under construction through lockdown and will now open on Wednesday, 9 June.

Franchisee Carel Venter already operates a branch of the fast food chain in the Holmbush Centre in Shoreham.

Mr Venter said: “My team and I are thrilled to be opening a new restaurant in Brighton, bringing more jobs to the local area and with it, new training and opportunities.

“The new restaurant will create 65 new jobs with full time and flexible positions that can fit around family or study commitments.”

The new restaurant will have a close affiliation to the Brighton-based Ronald McDonald House Charity, which provides accommodation for families of children in the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

Mr Venter plans to hold several fundraisers for the charity within the restaurant throughout the year.

  1. roy pennington Reply

    the petrol prices seem wrong … the pic should be dated …

  2. J Frances Reply

    Why is this news ?

    • Jo Wadsworth Reply

      I’ll be the first to admit that this story and ones like it aren’t why I went into journalism

      But a lot of people are interested, and I’m very happy to let them know about it

      And a bit of happy fluff doesn’t stop us reporting the harder news.

      • Greens Out Reply

        There’s going to be some ‘interesting’ stuff coming out about our current council very soon. Very very juicy!!!

        • Chaz. Reply

          Sounds intriguing.
          The Watermelons, Green on the outside and red inside, have form.
          Can’t wait.

        • Hove Guy Reply

          A few resignations perhaps? Or maybe a suicide or two? One lives in hope.

          • Greens Out

            I’d like to say you’d be surprised at what is going to be revealed, but, given the power-drunk way the Greens, and Labour let’s not forget, have been literally ripping us off for the last several years, you probably won’t.

            This goes beyond ‘secret meetings’, ‘under the table’ bribery and corruption. Way WAY beyond that.

            Stay tuned.

            We have de facto evidence of high level corruption within BHCC.

            Bullying on a monumental scale.

            Gross misuseof public funds.

            Illegal deals between the ‘controlling’ authority and the, so-called, opposition (both when Labour had control and now ‘them’, the vermin).

            This is going to make the MP’s Expenses scandal look like a walk in the park.

            Can’t wait until it allllll opens up.

            Jo, might want to find some other contributors to the ‘Opinion’ section as most of the clowns you’ve given time to address the populous of this town will be behind bars within a year.

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