24th October – The Prince Albert – The place to be!

Posted On 16 Oct 2021 at 6:27 pm

The Atom Jacks will be playing live at The Prince Albert on 24th October

Looks like the place to be in Brighton if you fancy going to a gig on Sunday 24th October will be The Prince Albert, as they are putting on a trio of interesting acts from 7:30pm all for just £5 on the door!

The headline act will be The Atom Jacks who offer up the intriguing nuclear surf from the bunker. This Brighton trio have recently blown the roof off Worthing Surf Festival as much deserved headliners, now they aim to entertain at The Prince Albert with their hugely entertaining live show of surf and instrumentals.

The Prince Albert, Brighton will host the 3 acts on 24th October (pic Nick Linazasoro)

The Brighton & Hove News Music Team were lucky to witness The Atom Jacks performing live in town at The Pipeline on 29th February 2020. Our report read as thus:

“First up this evening were The Atom Jacks who are a relatively young West Sussex trio based in Chichester consisting of Jamie, Josh and Sam”.

“Their modus operandi is thus: “Duck and cover! The Atom Jacks are a Civil Defense detachment formed to spread information to the general public on action when under atomic threat. Through music. For science and your own safety. Nuclear Power Surf. Kaboom”.

The Atom Jacks live at The Pipeline, Brighton 29.02.20 (pic Austen Bladen) (click on pic to enlarge!)

“I like the way these guys roll – swingin instrumental 60’s surf beats for a brighter future. Their imagery is spot on and reminds me of my childhood days of rockets, space and burying your head in Ladybird Books such as the 1964 ‘Exploring Space’ and 1972 ‘The Story Of Nuclear Power’ (both from Achievements Series 601). There’s a Gerry Anderson feel about it as well”.

“Tonight they were wearing their nuclear power worker suits for protection and were witty, for example “If you’re hot in here it is because of the Plutonium we’ve planted in the room. You’ll be safe if you buy our radioactive shielded t-shirts on sale at the back of the room”. Both the guitarist and bassist went out into the crowd whilst still playing”.

“Up until now, they have somehow evaded our attention, despite having played in Brighton half a dozen times within the past 13 months. They are now most certainly ON our radar and so look forward to the announcement of a new Brighton concert”.

“Check out their Bandcamp page HERE.

The Mandelbrot Shakes

Also on The Prince Albert bill on Sunday 24th October will be The Mandelbrot Shakes. This Brighton punk blues trio are going from strength to strength with a stream of live shows now under their hat. They play trash punk blues two minute bangers about love, betrayal and what to do if your dog is nicked. Watch their recent live show video HERE.

Lancy & Nee

Completing The Prince Albert line-up will be Lancy And Nee who offer up a resurrection and celebration of the ethereal delights of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood via a much loved ghostly tribute. Their debut concert was in Leytonstone on 22nd September and this performance at The Prince Albert will be their second ever gig and are already proving to be very popular.

Concert flyer

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