Council meeting abandoned after councillor receives positive covid test result

Posted On 21 Oct 2021 at 9:32 pm

A council meeting was abandoned after a councillor received a positive coronavirus test result this evening (Thursday 21 October).

It was the first meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council at Brighton Town Hall in more than 18 months.

But, at 7.32pm, after councillors returned from their dinner break, and after news of the test result had been shared with those present, they voted to close the meeting.

The councillor who received the positive test result is understood to take tests routinely and has had both vaccination doses.

In the town hall chamber – at a meeting of the full council – councillors wore face masks and observed social distancing.

The Labour group issued a statement after the meeting. It said: “This evening during a full council meeting at Brighton Town Hall, a Labour councillor received notification that a PCR test they had taken a day prior had come back positive.

“The councillor was confident that they were covid-safe having taken multiple lateral flow tests over recent days, including today, and all coming back negative.

“The councillor has had both vaccines and for over a year has been taking a weekly PCR test. This is because they work in a sector that requires regular testing, outside of their council duties.

“As soon as they received notification of the positive test result, they notified the group leaders (who in turn notified the monitoring officer) and left the town hall to return home to self-isolate.

“This emphasises that we all need to test regularly, follow the covid guidelines, wear masks and remain vigilant as covid cases are on the rise.

“We can all take steps to help keep cases down and reduce the spread, getting covid vaccines, booster and flu jab when offered, wearing a face covering in crowded or enclosed spaces, meeting outside where possible or letting fresh air in, taking twice-weekly lateral flow tests and following the guidance.

“You can find out more on the council website.”

  1. Linda Jameson Reply

    More recklessness from labour, they really can’t be trusted with public safety

  2. Tim Johnson Reply

    You know that talking such nonsense is pathetic. You need help.

    • Chaz. Reply

      She needs help because she disagrees with your stance?
      Takes one to know one huh.

  3. Jennifer T Reply

    Does anyone know how long it will be until the rubbish is cleared. The centre of the town looks no better and although he strike supposedly finished on Monday the town centre looks no better.

    • MikeyA Reply

      The next local elections, hopefully!

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