Road crossing ‘improvement’ will leave pedestrians less safe, says Brighton campaigner

Posted On 03 Jul 2022 at 12:49 pm

A proposed road crossing “safety improvement” will put pedestrians at greater risk, according to Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth.

The corner of Roedale Road and Upper Hollingdean Road was improved around a decade ago, the group said, and should be less a priority for improvement than other crossings in Hollingdean.

The group said: “This crossing already works well and, while a larger central island would be a slight improvement, what is proposed would make things worse.

“The council is proposing to make the island so big that they have to change the geometry of the junction, making it easier for cars to turn in at speed, which would make it less safe for pedestrians to cross.

“Also, the crossing would force pedestrians on a detour. Both of these issues could be avoided by tweaking the design.”

Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth said that Brighton and Hove City Council should stop wasting public money changing crossings to tick a box.

The campaign group has concerns about another proposed crossing “improvement” in Upper Hollingdean Road.

The council wants to enlarge the central island of the existing crossing of Upper Hollingdean Road outside the Hollingbury pub near the council’s waste depot entrance.

Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth said: “It is proposed that this crossing would have a bigger central island which would offer more protection to pedestrians crossing the road but it would do nothing to make it easier to cross the road.

“Pedestrians would still have to pick their moment and wait for a gap in the traffic to cross.

“The traffic can be quite fast-moving here despite the 20mph speed limit. A zebra here would address that issue and remove the need for a central island.”

Chris Todd, planning and transport campaigner for Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth, said: “Given pressures on funding, the council needs to focus on changes that make a real difference – not ones that tick a box to say they’ve done something.

“The current crossing designs are ill-thought-out and not fit for purpose.

“Hollingdean deserves better and should not be fobbed off with these rubbish proposals.

Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth has called for the Upper Hollingdean Road crossing, on the left, to become a zebra crossing and said that proposed changes to the Roedale Road crossing, right, would make it less safe for pedestrians

“Once built we will be stuck with these second-class solutions, as we are at The Dip.

“We’re calling on the council to consult locally and to put a zebra crossing on Upper Hollingdean Road.

“This would be a big improvement and worth investing in. Just fiddling with what’s already there doesn’t really cut it. It would be a waste of public money.”

The two proposals were identified as priorities by the council at a meeting of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee in March.

Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth said that it was “distinctly unimpressed with the proposals”, adding: “One of which will actually make things worse.”

The group said that the best move would be to scrap the two current proposals and combine the cash that has been earmarked for them to pay instead for a zebra crossing in Upper Hollingdean Road.

  1. Peter Challis Reply

    Very interesting that Chris Todd is getting himself (and using his position in Friends of the Earth) to express views on planned road layout changes.

    Is this just Chris Todd wanting to have his voice heard, or do FOE regularly get involved in road layout changes?

    Could this possibly be near to where Chris lives?

    I wonder what do the democratically elected ward councillors, Council transport planners, and the ETS committee think?

    Did Chris express any views on the VG3 changes including replacing a relatively safe roundabout with a more dangerous T-junction?

    • mart Burt Reply

      Peter Challis
      Chris Todd has many views and if I recall was very vocal on the removal of the O.S.R cycle scheme.

      I don’t always agree with his often one sided views or opinions but on this one he does make some valid points. The area isn’t known as a hot spot for crashes or accidents but I think he is right when he states any changes to the layout would make it worse.
      I think the answer to this one would be traffic lights not a Zebra.

    • Tom Harding Reply

      Yes. I believe Mr Todd lives in Hollingdean . He also doesn’t like his neighbours lighting bonfires

  2. Todd Reply

    Peter, you’re not democratically elected either but that doesn’t seem to stop you expressing your activist views on every single article and local Facebook post. You must be really fun at parties!

    • Peter Challis Reply

      Thanks for replying Chris Todd. Yes, I think I’m fun at parties.

      And yes, I do post my own views on a wide variety of subjects, but then I do this personally and don’t try to use who I work for to try to sway decisions.

      Based upon your lack of replies to my questions I think we can determine that this is your personal opinion rather than being an official FOE campaign.

      What is your/FOEs view on VG3 changing the Aquarium roundabout to a junction? Will this increase or decrease accidents and carbon emissions?

  3. Billy Short Reply

    We really have some complete whackos with undue influence nowadays.

    I used to support Friends of The Earth, Bricycles, Sustrans, and even Extinction Rebellion – all of which were set up as worthy causes.
    But all are now continually over-stepping the mark, often out of touch or ideologically led, and most are really just lobbying groups trying to justify their own existence and employee salaries with out of step or reactionary views.
    It’s like the Catholic priest who comes into your house to help with family hardship and then tells you how many children you should have.

    These people really should be kept at arm’s length from the council. And their employees should certainly never be councillors or with doubled up jobs as council staff.

    • Mike Hill Reply

      Bang on! These pressure groups are actually driving Council policy. It doesn’t help that a certain Green councillor works for Sustrans!

  4. Peter Reply

    As usual a council that doesn’t give a monkeys about the public but simply does what it wants Changing the roundabout at the pier is a prime example there excuse is it is an accident hotspot So please list all these accidents that have been there Or is that to much for them

  5. Dave Reply

    A zebra crossing on upper hollingdean Road would be a total waste of money. Who is actually crossing there and for what reason? Answer: binmen who have reflective jackets on to get to work, so obviously no need for a zebra crossing. There is literally no reason for anyone else to be crossing there as there are traffic lights 50 meters up the road.

    Get a life mate.

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