Kemptown Ben is back in the blogosphere

Posted On 26 Mar 2010 at 1:07 pm

Controversial Green councillor and Kemptown MP hopeful Ben Duncan has launched a new blog.

Mr Duncan, known on Twitter as KemptownBen, wrote a lively and outspoken blog which often sparked hot debate – especially when they were picked up by The Argus and some of its more right-wing readers.

Among the subjects which provoked their ire were Mr Duncan’s support for a resident who complained the White Night festival was “racist”.

He also wrote of his support for the Smash EDO protesters, described benefit fraud as a petty “crime of desperation”, and asking whether it’s possible to be both gay and a Conservative.

But in February, it disappeared – sparking speculation it was just too lively in the run-up to the election.

Now, he has a new blog, which so far seems to be steering much clearer of controversy, picking safer subjects such as CCTV monitoring, the budget, why you should vote Green – and the impact of social media (including blogs) on election campaigning.

Mr Duncan will be contesting the Kemptown seat against the Conservative’s Simon Kirby, Labour’s Simon Burgess, the Liberal Democrat’s Juliet Williams, UKIP’s James Chamberlain-Webber and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’s Dave Hill.

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