North Laine Community Association ponders its existence

Posted On 12 May 2010 at 9:17 am

A lack of interest is threatening the existence of the North Laine Community Association and its newsletter, The Runner.

The city centre association has supported residents in opposing unpopular planning applications and organised community events – and The Runner is widely read and well regarded.

But at its annual general meeting on Monday, nobody put themselves forward as chair or secretary – and there are also not enough people willing to sell the advertising which The Runner relies upon.

On a soul-searching post on its website, Peter Crowhurst asks whether it still has a role to play in the neighbourhood.

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He says: “The lack of people coming forward to volunteer themselves suggests that perhaps the local community no longer values the work that is done by the NLCA.

“Or is it that the NLCA is out of touch with the needs of residents today? Or perhaps that people are far too busy with their own lives to contemplate giving time to the community?”

Of The Runner, he says: “It is thought of as the voice of the North Laine on many issues and is widely used for the historical information it provides on the area. For many The Runner is the community and is the glue which helps create the special feeling felt by many residents. Yet would it be missed if indeed it did fold?

He then lists the many good works the NLCA does, but asks: “Yet who cares? If the NLCA did not exist would it be missed? Or does it need to change to attract new residents? Or is it that it is always the case that community groups are kept going by the few for the many,who nevertheless still appreciate the work done.”

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