'Specialist' vandals paint postboxes white

Posted On 28 May 2010 at 8:10 am

Brighton vandals have left the Royal Mail scratching their head after painting postboxes white.

The Melville Road postbox

Several boxes through the city have been damaged in this way, and there is no indication why it’s happening.

Blogger Dan Wilson spotted two of the boxes, one outside the post office in Melville Road, Hove, and the other at the Dyke Road end of Buckingham Road in Brighton, and took these pictures of them.

Spacewords Brighton

He said: “I thought at first it might be incompetant priming for a new coat. But according to the nice lady in the Post Office it’s not, it’s happened to ‘several’ and seems to be some sort of mischief.

“Anyone know anything? It’s quite specialist and artless vandalism.”

Do you know who’s behind the paint jobs – and why they’re doing it? Leave a comment below.

The Buckingham Road postbox

  1. terri Reply

    maybe a (rather feeble, and irresponsible) comment at the plans to sel lof the Pot office? maybe they think its a whitewash?

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