Brighton mother wins delay after running off with ill son

Posted On 09 Dec 2012 at 1:57 pm

A mother from Brighton who ran away with her seven-year-old son has won a ten-day delay before a judge decides whether to allow doctors to treat him.

Sally Roberts told High Court judge David Bodey that she was not “bonkers”.

She said that she had taken a principled stand against doctors forcing her son Neon to have radiotherapy after they removed a tumour from his brain.

A barrister for the doctors who want to treat the boy conceded that chemotherapy would be too risky.

Mr Justice Bodey deferred a decision until Tuesday 18 December.

Mrs Roberts ran off with her son rather than allow doctors to force him to have treatment.

She fears that the side effects from the proposed treatment risk doing him more harm than good.

And she told the High Court that one doctor had referred to the treatment as frying his brain.

She was found in East Grinstead with Neon who was removed her by social workers.

  1. nicola Reply

    good for her if radiation was a cure for cancer, then no one would die from the disease it does not work peop;e have it they die. so why have it . it has been used since 1930 as astandard treatment for cancer along with chem and rem there is no known cure for cancer so why the hell does anyone want to radiate them selves when it has a 98% faliure rate at best ? its ludicris. if it was a cure for cancer fair enougth but radiation and chemo dont work thats why hundreads of thousands of cancer paitents that are standardly treated with them all die.

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