Brighton and Hove Greens select candidate for Hanover by-election

Posted On 28 May 2013 at 1:17 pm

The Brighton and Hove Green Party has picked its candidate for the Hanover and Elm Grove by-election.

Community campaigner David Gibson will represent the party in the election that follows the resignation of Councillor Matt Follett from Brighton and Hove City Council.

Mr Gibson works in housing and community regeneration and lives in the ward.

He said: “I’ve been a community campaigner all my life, both locally and nationally, where I set up a national housing campaign, the Daylight Robbery, which got the law changed to end an unjust tax on council tenants which was used to fund benefits.

“The change paved the way for the current system where councils get to keep all of the rents paid, for investment locally.

“I am also a co-founder of Hanover Action for Sustainable Living (HASL).

David Gibson

David Gibson

“Like many people in Brighton, I became a Green after being inspired by our Green MP Caroline Lucas and because the Green Party was the only political party prepared to challenge the creaking status quo propped up by the Conservative and Labour parties – especially after Labour lost its way under Tony Blair, took the country into the Iraq war and, in Peter Mandelson’s words, became intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich.

“I don’t see Labour leaving that legacy behind them any time soon, being the recent architects of so many present troubles, from bedroom tax to NHS privatisation, and being champions of cuts and austerity.

“I love living in Hanover. I’m active in the community and I’m also a member of the Hanover Community Association.

“I’ve lived in Hanover for 17 years, where my partner and I are bringing up two teenage boys. I’ve been selected as the Green Party candidate for the forthcoming by-election.

A date for the by-election has yet to be set.


  1. Uncle Protein Reply

    Unlike all other Green councillors, is Mr. Gibson actually FROM Brighton?

  2. Paul Norman Reply

    Firmly rooted in Hanover, David will make a fantastic councillor knowing his values and commitment is rooted in tackling social injustice and helping local people make their own impact on some of the bigger environmental issues that we all need to address.

  3. Concenred Resident Reply

    So basically another lentil eating lunatic who believes the teachings of high priestess Lucas. But this time he is “local”!

    They are idealistic, irresponsible and have no idea about economics. Where did the money come from to pay for “living Wage” and “no evictions”? Wages for refuse collectors?

    Why no mention of the other great green initiatives – 20mph zones; bicycle lanes; increasing parking charges; solar powering Volk’s railway; gender neutral toilets; increasing rates at a time of austerity?

    They spend all their time worrying about minorities, but forget they are here to run “Brighton & Hove” for the rate paying majority. What have they done for residents? What have they done for business?

    Look around you and see what the greens have really done for Brighton & Hove – known in the press now as “skid row on sea”.

    Please, for the sake of all the residents in Brighton & Hove, don’t vote green. Vote for anyone but green!

  4. Clive Reply

    Concerned Resident: all a bit alarmist, eh? When I look around me I see more or less the same city I have known and loved for a quarter of a century or more.

    The nickname of skidrow on sea is at least 25 years old, so way before the Greens had even one councillor. Your ‘joke’ about lentil-eaters is of a similar age and about as funny.

    Whether you like it or not, many people support some or all of the initiatives that you mention. They may also think that the administration has screwed a few things up too, but will vote for them anyway in the absence of any better, more positive alternatives. ‘Anyone but green’ – what a terrible example of negative politics.

  5. Concerned Resident Reply

    I think the problem was all those who thought being green, sustainable and ecological was a good way forward.

    It probably is – the only problem was that the green party turned out to also mean – immature, irresponsible, left-wing/marxist, ideological dreamers, anti-Christian, anti-war, publicity mad, pro-drugs, ignoring rate-paying residents and businesses, and fixating on the needs of minorities in attempt to reduce inequalities, and acting like they are a major political force when all they have is 1 MP and the largest single party in 1 council.

    If only Lucas had spent more time keeping her councillors under control rather than going off on her various crusades – like the latest one with Russell Brand trying to deal with drug problems.

    That “many people” support some or all of the initiatives will only be confirmed or otherwise at the ballot box.

  6. Concerned Resident Reply

    Clive – “The nickname of skidrow on sea is at least 25 years old” – I knew is was a joke term – but I didn’t know the Greens thought it was their objective?

    IMHO they have achieved their objective this week. Vote Green – vote for clueless, spineless, irresponsible, naïve dreamers.

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