Brighton and Hove binmen to strike again next week

Posted On 18 Jun 2013 at 4:05 pm

Binmen in Brighton and Hove will go on strike for a second week next week after union and council officials failed to reach agreement yesterday (Monday 17 June).

The GMB union said that Brighton and Hove City Council did not make concessions during eight hours of talks at King’s House, the council’s headquarters in Hove.

Further talks are due to start at 4pm this afternoon (Tuesday 18 June).

The second strike will start on Monday (24 June) when CityClean drivers will resume their industrial action for a further five days.

This is expected to prevent other members of bin crews from being able to collect rubbish and recycling and will also severely limit street sweeping.

All CityClean staff are due to return to work on Friday this week (21 June) although they will be working to rule.

Some domestic rubbish will be collected on Friday with some communal bins being emptied and streets being swept at the weekend.

Mark Turner, the GMB branch secretary, said: “No ground was given yesterday. We came up with solutions and gave alternatives but there was response from the council or a total rejection.

“The ball’s in the council’s court. We told the council about the dates of the next strike yesterday but refrained from announcing it in the hope that they would come back today.”

The dispute centres around proposed changes to pay and allowances which would result in cuts in take-home pay for about 400 to 500 of the council’s 8,000 staff.

About 270 of those affected work at the council’s CityClean operation in Hollingdean. The average cut in pay is about £1,000 with some staff expecting to lose up to £4,000 a year. Compensation equal to three years’ losses has been offered.

The council said that the proposed changes were necessary because of legal changes.

Council chief executive Penny Thompson said yesterday: “We have been in talks today and I hope to continue discussion tomorrow.

“I really appreciate the constructive approach of GMB and we will work hard tomorrow to work towards a settlement and bring the strike to an end.

“I know the mess and rubbish is building up across the city and I’m truly sorry we are in this situation.

“I would like to reassure residents we are doing all we can to swiftly find an agreed resolution.

“It is vital that we have an allowances system which is fair and consistent for staff across the council.”


  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    BHCC officers are the ones in the hot seat and having to earn their own pay grades to resolve this dispute using their training and assumed expertise.

    And cllrs should be breathing down their necks day and night to call them to account over this. That is what I vote for. And never see happening in ANY political party.

    Instead, what do the Green Members do? They panic, slip into hysteria-driven angst mode and go bananas at Jason Kitcat, shrieking “you brute; you brute!”…it’s like something from a corny old movie.

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