Wetherspoons opposition is ‘snobbish nonsense’

Posted On 17 Mar 2015 at 9:38 am

A Brighton writer has dismissed opposition to Wetherspoons plans to open in the former London Road Co-Op as “snobbish nonsense”

WethersPhil Mellows said Brighton Housing Trust chief executive Andy Winter’s call to launch “the mother of all fights” against the chain opening there were based on a misconception of what a Wetherspoons pub is like.

Mr Mellows, who writes for publicans’ trade magazine the Morning Advertiser and other industry publications, said Wetherspoons pubs are generally well-run, treat their staff well, and the chain is moving upmarket with craft ales and unusual gins.

In a blogpost, he wrote: “It’s true that at one time Wetherspoon was among those operators opening ‘superpubs’ on the new drinking circuits of the 1990s, but a Spoons these days is one of your best bets for finding a seat at a table because there are so many chairs. (That’s one reason I take my 86-year-old mum there.)

“A Spoons on London Road is not going to drag the area down, as Winter and others seem to think. It will attract an audience beyond middle class trendies, if that’s what they’re worried about.

“And if Wetherspoon wins this ‘mother of all fights’, as I fully expect it to, since it’s used to countering this sort of snobbish nonsense, they’ll find me in there, too.”

Wetherspoons has submitted a full planning application to Brighton and Hove City Council – details are not yet available as some technical details are missing.

If successful, it will then need to apply for an alcohol licence.

Disclaimer: Mr Mellows also writes for Wetherspoons News.

  1. Ben Nuttall Reply

    The Wetherspoon’s that has opened in my hometown of Deal on the Kent coast is a very nice place to go. lovely decor and full of families not like what we expected it to be when it was planned.

  2. Richard Ham Reply

    Shock! Man who writes for Weatherspoons in-house journal is in favour of opening new pub!

  3. Lee Reply

    After all the progress on London Rd a Wetherspoons would be a real set back for the area. There are loads of pubs already. We need the Flat White economy – not the Zero Hours Contract economy.

  4. Jean Calder Reply

    The last thing London Road needs is more alcohol. There used to be a Top Shop and later a Dorothy Perkins in the old Coop building. Something like that would be good. Or a small food hall. We also need decent fast food (brilliant Poppies can’t do it all). Maybe a Pret a Manger? We could also do with a cheap and cheerful Italian restaurant. And a good old fashioned low cost tea shop.

  5. Lou Clement Reply

    Anyone who knows London Road, the area, its problems – alcoholics, homeless, drugs, knows that Wether’s is not being dismissed because of snobbishness. What this man’s comments show are an ignornant and it would seem partial opinion of a complex situation. Mr Mellows you have no idea.

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