Broken ticket machines cause ‘chaos’ at Brighton Station

Posted On 25 Jul 2015 at 12:57 pm

An IT fault with Brighton Station’s ticket machines which means they will only accept cash is causing problems for passengers this morning.

The issue also means information screens are blank, and prepaid tickets can’t be collected.

Staff are handing out compliments slip to passengers who can’t buy a ticket, and Southern Rail is telling people to board trains without tickets and pay their fares at the other end.

It says all staff are working on fixing the fault as soon as possible.


  1. malcolm marshall Reply

    This is why the railways should not be in private hands all those at the top have new cars and drive to work

    • Rostrum Reply

      I don’t believe that who owns the railways would make any difference to this. It seems as if an IT change has been badly implemented…

      • Hjarrs Reply

        The amount paid in subsidy to the railways over the last twenty years has been 4-5 times that paid to British Rail. Vast sums have been paid in excessive salaries and bonuses for senior managements and in dividends for shareholders. Of course it matters who owns the railways.

  2. Portslade Tom Reply

    @SouthernRailUK – Not only are you unable to manage a rail terminal but you cannot even spell correctly on Twitter!
    ‘Effecting’! I don’t think so!

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