No Ball Games signs replaced with Please Play Here ones on Brighton estate

Posted On 19 Nov 2015 at 12:44 pm

No Ball Games signs on one Brighton Estate have been replaced with new notices encouraging play instead.

Please Play Here
Hyde Housing put up the Please Play Here signs on the Phoenix estate at the bottom of Albion Hill on Saturday during a play day.

They are part of a new approach from the group to encourage playtime and promote children’s health, well-being and happiness.

Maggie Houghton, Hyde’s innovation advisor, said: “With our Please Play Here approach we are aiming to strengthen a culture of play across our organisation, and in our neighborhoods.

“We will do this by education front line staff about the benefits of play, helping them to support our residents to create communities where play is encouraged and supported.

“We recognise that playing is not anti-social, and we will not respond to complaints about play as if it is behavior to be discouraged. But we will also take this a step further, and positively encourage our residents to create an environment for safe playing where they live.”

Research carried out for National Playday, which is held every August, shows 81% of adults believe children playing outside helps to improve community spirit and 70% think that it makes an area more desirable to live in.

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  2. natalie Reply

    I as a mum and live in a hyde housing estate is all for this play here…but I feel a time limit should be put in issue too as to when it is to finish….young families young children trying to sleep and babies, I know in our estate, some houses have play and other behaviour in front of their homes continuously,,I am really for this but I feel everyone on it’s estate should have a share and it not just be congregated to a few specific areas.

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