Speaker expresses concern over police surveillance of Brighton MP

Posted On 03 May 2016 at 8:57 pm

The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow said that police surveillance of the Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas was “a rather disturbing matter”.

Mr Bercow was responding to a request by the Green MP for the Home Secretary Teresa May to make a statement on what he called “a very bizarre situation”.

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas

In the Commons today (Tuesday 3 May) Caroline Lucas said: “Mr Speaker, you might have seen recent press reports that a police unit tasked with spying on alleged extremists intent on committing serious crimes has been wasting its time and, indeed, taxpayers’ money monitoring members of the Green party, including myself.

“Could you give me advice, Mr Speaker, on the best way to raise the matter so that we can get the Home Secretary to make a statement to the House on the methods of surveillance, the legal power supposedly used in order to justify that surveillance and, most importantly, why citizens lawfully engaging in legitimate political activity have been targeted by the police in this way?”

The Speaker said: “This is a rather disturbing matter. I do not know whether the honourable lady is suggesting that there is any interference with her work as a Member of Parliament.

“If that were so, that would be an exceptionally serious matter but it would be effectively a matter of privilege, about which, in conformity with convention, she should write to me and it would then be taken forward as appropriate.

“Beyond that, I can only say that the matter in question is not one for me.

“It does sound a very bizarre situation. I find it very curious to think that the honourable lady is being, or might be, subject to some sort of surveillance in relation to her activities as a Member of Parliament. I am not aware of that.

“I think that I have to advise her that she must find other means by which to air her concerns.

“If she will not take it amiss, I will simply say that, knowing both her intelligence and her indefatigability, there is no way that finding other means to air her concern will be beyond her very considerable capabilities.

“Perhaps we can leave it there for today but if she needs to come back about the matter, which is potentially very serious, she should do so.”

  1. Lisa Reply

    Why is a matter why is she a Green Party ? She her family live in Belgium rich husband kids in private school and yet she thinks she has control in the uk PS (WHY) Brighton is now a no go because of her Green Party ? All my life I lived in the city IE Hanover / Lewes road / London road / main area into the city really bad Lewes road back to back traffick from 3pm to maybe 7pm no police ambance Fire can get through l watch this day in day out yes she be watched

  2. Lisa Reply

    Obviously something to hide oh yeah not as green as she claims. The only Green Party member that jams up a city and causes pollution !

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