Coast road closed after police car crashes in Rottingdean

Posted On 09 Jun 2016 at 7:11 pm

The A259 coast road has been closed tonight after a police car driven by a PCSO crashed into a parade of shops.
Rottingdean accident
The squad car was travelling westbound along the A259 when the crash happened at about 5.45pm.

A police spokeswoman said: “A police car has been involved in an accident in Rottingdean.

“Neither the PCSO driving or any other person has been injured.

“A police supervisor is on the scene and investigating the circumstances.”

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Although it appears the car careered towards shops, including Coastway Vets, it was stopped when it hit the railings.

By 6.45pm, traffic going through Rottingdean was at a standstill as a recovery truck retrieved the police car.

  1. MS Reply

    I doghouse he was breathalysed and tested for drugs! Although I wouldn’t hold my breath!

    • MS Reply

      That should of said “I do hope”

      • Ben Plows Reply

        As with every RTC which police attend a roadside breath test will have been administered as per standard practice. Any police or police staff RTC is investigated with considerably more vigour than any civilian RTC

        The ignorance of these anti-police posts is astounding, but sadly not surprising!

  2. J.t Reply

    Im thinking the same… hope they were treated the same as everyone else or will the uniform save them…

  3. Debbie yates Reply

    One rule for the police one for the public ! Theyl turn a blind eye to that

  4. malcolm marshall Reply

    total agree why should the uniform get them off what every other motorist has to do

  5. Shaun Reply

    The uniform wont get them off. They will be investigated and their licence suspended until the matter is resolved. Dont comment about things you have no idea about. You police bashers make me sick. Yet the police are the first to be called when you cant control your children or you het a nasty comment on facebook.
    GROW UP!!!

  6. Sarah Reply

    I hope the person is well, could have suffered a heart attack or seizure.

  7. Does it matter Reply

    The officer driving couldn’t break, so instead of going into the back of a bus in front, he went in to the railings to prevent hurting anyone else.

    Don’t just assume it is reckless driving and don’t assume they will turn a blind eye. The officer will most likely lose his driving permit and have to go through rigorous testing to get it back.

    No I am not in the Police, but Yes I do know enough about how they work. What is written about them in the press is rarely positive, but don’t assume that they will be let off lightly. If anything an example will be made of this PCSO, and considering he did what he did to preserve the safety of others, shame on you.

  8. Simon Nock Reply

    Neither am I in the police, but I have been in the same situation, and despite mitigating circumstances, I was at fault. Too fast too close.
    What is meant when it is said the driver couldn’t break(sic)? Why couldn’t he brake?
    Simple….too fast, too close, his fault.
    Don’t make out he was a hero by reducing the risk to others, he was at fault, end of.

  9. Kj Reply

    Have you not heard of a mechanical failure? OMG! Why don’t you wait for the official announcement of what happened… You may have to eat your words!! It’s a good job the Police don’t jump to conclusions when they only have a partial story or set of circumstances…. They have to gather both sides of the coin before making a decision, Like you should have done, although it probably wouldn’t justify your angst! The police don’t make the Laws, they just Do their best to enforce them in what are sometimes very difficult situations. You obviously are bitter – maybe something didn’t go the way you wanted it to and you just want to blame the police to make yourself feel better – same old dad story- grow up. This incident will get thoroughly investigated, and will be viewed very critically – a police officer is guilty until proven innocent – you would soon have something to say about that if you were treated in the same way…. Let’s wait a see what really happened before anyone passes judgement.

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