Road closed after man stabbed in Brighton

Posted On 13 Jun 2016 at 11:31 am

A Brighton road was closed and a man is being questioned by police after another man was found stabbed outside Waitrose this morning.

Emergency services were called to Western Road, Brighton, at 10.34am this morning. The man had suffered a single stab wound and was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, in a serious condition.

A 28-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of committing grievous bodily harm and is in custody.

It is believed the victim had been stabbed in Montpelier Road and was found in nearby Western Road. An investigation is on going. Montpelier Road was closed but has now re-opened.

Any witnesses or anyone with information should contact police by emailing quoting serial 421 of 13/06.

  1. chris mccarthy Reply

    This is getting out of hand in Brighton now and the police do there job but its not working is it lads we have teenagers stabbing each other and kids missing more often then ever before sort it out

  2. Sarah Reply

    More and more nasty things happening in Brighton over the past few years.
    We’re all pointing at each other, but NOBODY is pointing at the homeless people being the source of the problem. If you even point in that direction, you’re labeled inhumane before you know it.
    But, we’ve seen more and more of them appear; First in the city centre, now also slowly outside of it; some national, some international.

    They’re coming in droves, and are making Brighton slowly go to hell.
    I’m a hardworking woman, and I’m expecting (with the rent/house prices being so incredibly high) to be able to walk around the main part of the city, without being constantly harassed by beggars and homeless people.

    And I have to be honest to myself: Maybe Brighton is now as it was anymore, and I’ll have to move on (most likely out of the UK).

    • John Reply

      Homeless people need help, not your hatred. Homelessness is a problem in Brighton and all major cities in the UK but these people have mental health issues. Blame the Govt for poor funding that’s help cut the police force and outreach centres. I’m sorry love but you do come across as very callous and an uncaring person. Maybe you should move somewhere more in tune with your views.

  3. RJN Reply

    Blame the government cuts

  4. Debs powers Reply

    This day and age is getting out of hand but the worse thing is there age is is over 21 and not growing up we are a family of a murdered victimn in canada edmonton alberta canada and we all from beautiful brighton uk and i am glad to see him in custody be glad you have Uk law in canada way to easy and if you got money you can pay yourself out of anything our murderer was a grandson of a poli e officer and he walked with nothing and never had any remorse but one day we all have to be accountable but we say that the world everywhere getting worse but aleast back home in the uk they have him in.custody and there going makesure he is being accountable right away feel bad for the family of the victimn xox

  5. Eion Reply

    They all drink in big packs in the street and wind each other up. New road is the worst.. Get rid of the big bench and reorganise that area. The poor police have it the same every day. Could we get a regular patrol walking round. There never feels like any presence is there!?

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