Hove councillor ‘devastated’ by Bastille Day carnage in Nice

Posted On 15 Jul 2016 at 1:45 am

Hove councillor Robert Nemeth said that he was devastated by the Bastille Day carnage in Nice, having been at the fireworks in the French city last night (Thursday 14 July).

Early reports suggested that dozens of people had died when a lorry ploughed into the crowd during the celebrations. There were reports too of a shoot-out involving police and a man in the lorry.

Councillor Nemeth, who is on a short break with his girlfriend, said that many people in the crowd didn’t have clue what happened as it was so noisy.

He said: “It actually took place just in front of us. We didn’t see it though. We didn’t realise what happened until we left the scene. It was densely packed and noisy with music and fireworks.”

In a tweet he said: “Devastated that some of those in front of us are now dead. It was noisy and chaotic so hard to even know of attack.”


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