Southern criticised over marathon queue to leave Brighton Station

Posted On 09 Apr 2017 at 8:37 pm

Rail bosses faced criticism as Brighton Station struggled to cope with the number of travellers after the marathon and at the end of a sunny day this evening (Sunday 9 April).

Passengers faced delays and cancellations and had to squeeze into shorter trains than scheduled.

The situation wasn’t helped by a faulty train between Brighton and Preston Park stations which blocked part of the route for some time.

And a signal problem between Farringdon and Loughborough Junction left all the Thameslink lines blocked north of London Bridge.

Tempers frayed at times and several people took to Twitter to share their frustration at the poor service.

It came the day after a 24-hour strike by Southern guards belonging the RMT union when Southern’s owner Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) boasted of running 95 per cent of its scheduled services.

  1. Robin Daglish Reply

    Typical Southern Chaos, How long before we renationalise and kick them out?

  2. Don't have one Reply

    What elce can they do. Trains can only be so long
    Also trains can only go as fast as they can. It’s a train not a fucking time marchine. Relax

  3. stephen Reply

    People running for Charity to help other people.

    Southern train company and staff that treat everyone with contempt in one of their home stations. It really is disgusting.

    No trains, No Staff. Kettling , No information and thousands of people rammed onto trains that are stuck or cancelled with no toilets and no help from staff. This is southern Trains dream of how our country should be. Surely its time for government to intervene immediately now. Its a disgrace. Charles Horton hang your head in shame.

  4. stephen Reply

    Charles Horton CEO of Southerns pay doubles on the same day that Brighton station is brought to standstill be southern trains running reduced services on busiest day of the year

    see article below Is this man no accountable to anyone? Also the unions are a joke too. They are as bad as each other

  5. Rona Hunnisett Reply

    They’re not going to be ashamed while they continue to make a profit, whether they’re good, bad or indifferent, thanks to their dodgy contract.

  6. A O Reply

    Every time I travel to London, I now drive. The trains are far too unreliable, sadly. The roads can be fiddly, but I’ve been far more successful getting to meetings by car. I’ve been using Justpark to find people’s driveways to park on. The trains are just too unreliable these days – I commuted back and forth for 15 years up until a couple of years ago. I couldn’t face commuting daily now. I was born in this great city, and do worry about the impact the lack of decent public transport is having.

  7. sarah Richards Reply

    Preston park station was by far the closest and most convenient station for the start of the race. So what do Souther do, put some extra staff on to cope with the rush ?? No they close the station for the day!!!!!!!

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